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IP(The Sound) Releases his Sophomore Single – “Superwoman”

Superwoman’s tender and kindhearted opening will immediately grasps your attention. The appealing, expressive notes create the main portion of the melody right before succinct drums and subdued percussion enter the scene and add a bit more rhythm to the record. IP keeps the mood is hopeful and elevating while occupying an undeniable romanticism in the three-minute span of the tune. 

Superwoman by IP(The Sound)
Superwoman by IP(The Sound)

He is basking in all of his lover-boy energy whilst confessing his love and desires to a crush he hopes will someday be his superwoman. There is no denying the strength in IP’s ability to not only tell a compelling story but also back it with a beautiful orchestration of sounds that not only amplify his lyrics but also comforts your soul.

Although I was unfamiliar with IP prior to this offering, it’s clear that he’s abundantly talented and he just fits in flawlessly on this song. This is easy listening at its best and is a true embodiment of the Afro-rock sound.

“Superwoman” is available on all streaming platforms. 

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