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Jake Doe’s “TBDL” is A Two-sided Coin of Heartbreak and Hope

TBDL is a smooth R&B/Soul blend that sees Jake Doe sing his heart out, giving heartbreak a fresh perspective. You hear him talk about this experience on soulful songs like “Books” and “Mourning Skies”, and professing love to a future lover with enchanting vocals on “Ja”.

TBDL was created from heartbreak but ultimately culminates in the sincere yearning for true love, leaving the listener with hope and positivity as regards relationships in general. The projects boasts international collaborations from the UK, Europe and the USA, as it features vocals from Jamaican Born, UK vocalist – Miss Ling, Denmark’s South Haven Band’s lead singer, TZI and one of Atlanta’s budding talents, Dunni. 

Clarence Macebong
Clarence Macebong

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