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Loti and KD Are Each Other’s Sidekick On New Single

Artist-producer collaborative projects are slowly becoming the norm on this side of the music spectrum. While new relationships between producers and artists are forged as often as you can imagine, these projects go on to immortalize a bond shared between the two parties — even if said bond was only shared for a short time. 

Two young and talented music people have created another layer of their relationship with a new release off their forthcoming EP, Sins and Scenes. The chemistry singer Loti and 44DBcollective producer KD share transcends the process of just making music; it is a brotherly bond between two people who didn’t know they needed each other.  Their new single, “Time Of Our Lives”, which features Buju, totally encompasses the mood and direction their new project could take in prospect.

“Every lyric we sing on the project is something we have lived and experienced. Sins and Scenes is for young adults living out their teenage fantasies,”

KD on forthcoming project, Sins and Scenes.

“Time Of Our Lives” follows in a similar vein. KD’s production sets the track’s euphoric mood, which briefly reminds the listener what it feels like to be outside as we still struggle in Coronavirus’s chokehold. Loti glides smoothly across the instrumental just as he did on “Realer”, his lyrics further driving home the you-only-live-once mantra that Sins and Scenes promotes. He sings “Time of our lives/We are still young, we need some fun/I feel alive, but I’m still numb”, a feeling a lot of adolescents can relate to quite well. 

At their best, Loti and KD operate as each other’s sidekick; doing equal heavy lifting to bring their experiences — some of which we all share — to life. “Time Of Our Lives” will lay down a marker as Loti and KD signal the intent for their new tape. 

Stream “Time Of Our Lives” below:

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Clarence Macebong
Clarence Macebong