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Mo’Believe Drops New EP, “Big Daddy Mo”

Mo’believe is an Urban Folklore singer from Nigeria. He sings of stories from an antiquated point of view. Mo’believe expresses himself with his sultry Yoruba lyrics that is often the wave on which most of these stories ride on.

Mo’believe uses BigDaddyMo to narrate the tale of his endless pursuit of what can be described as “young love” . 
Big Daddy toots his own horn, here and there, making even more interesting to listen to. 

On this EP which plays out like a movie or rather a chapbook, Big Daddy goes from wanting to take care of his baby, into complaints of a dark skin lover with rival lover PricelessAy. 

Owo Patriarchy might seem like a little off title but you’ll have to listen to it to judge it yourself. The fuji feel of the song makes it even more of a jam. Big daddy goes in full romance mode on the last track. Big daddies can be romantic too.

Mo’believe advises that you listen to this project thinking more of Big Daddy Mo than Mo’believe.

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Clarence Macebong
Clarence Macebong