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On Kcee Marzz’s new single “Roll another J”

Growing up listening to many hip-hop, RnB, and afro beats can influence you in more ways than one. The music would stay with you as you grow, providing soundtracks to your childhood and adult life, at worst, inspiration and a path in music, at best. The latter was the case of Kcee Marzz. 

Born in Ebute Metta and raised in Anthony Village, both reputable parts of Lagos state, Kcee had always loved music, listening to Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB, Afrobeats, and Reggae that would play on the streets of this city and ones that he would later find himself.

Kcee’s transition into making music took many forms; he started rapping at the age of 8, a side effect of any young Eminem fan. It wasn’t until his friend from the US returned, rapping well, that Kcee decided to take this love for music more seriously.

He went from rap to singing in a couple of years, precisely at the age of 13, and also started writing poetry. All of these would form a base and firm musical background that he would begin to lay on. 

Feelings, conversations, personalities, and much more, just like a poet, inspires and inform his music. He remembers his first studio session like it was yesterday.

It was in 2018, he was in Balogun market where he sold Ankara for his uncle. There was a man, a customer of his uncle that stopped him and told him that he was impressed with his singing and asked if he had any songs out. The answer was no and what would come after became pivotal in his music career.

The man gave him an instrumental, asked him to sing, and was impressed once again, that he took him to a music studio there and then and that’s how Kcee Marzz recorded his first song ever called “number”.  

“That’s basically one of the realest reasons I do music, someone out there believed in me enough to get me a studio session, it hit me different.”, Kcee added.

That was only the beginning and right now, his new single “Roll another J (R.A.J)” is out. The song is a mix of hip-hop and afrobeat creating an afro-fusion tune that you would bop your head to subconsciously. 

The new single tells a story of a young woman having a mid-life crisis with no support and many needs. It tells of the desperation this young woman has to make ends meet and support her younger sibling.  The story is relatable in that no matter who we are or how our life story is, we would be faced with social pressures that may lead many to paths that we never thought we would take. 

R.O.J is dance-able but tells a profound message too. Best part? This might lead to an EP or album so keep your eyes peeled and your ears on the sound. 

Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba