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PsychoYP’s YPSZN Is Simplistic But Sophisticated

YPSZN is Abuja-born rapper, Psycho YP’s official debut project

You know those rap lines that strikes something within you? It could be a crazy play on words, a double entendre, a brain-tingling metaphor or just a one liner that packs the weight of several chapters. When PsychoYP says “promoters be lucky to promote my shit” on opening track to his debut tape, YPSZN, it instantly strikes something within you, you can’t help but feel like you’re listening to a special talent. I’ve replayed that line severally, and thought about it thoroughly and it’s up there with any braggadocios rap lyric I have heard in my life, and thanks to Jay-Z and a few others, I’ve heard a gazillion load of such one liners.

PsychoYP is much more than the bragging, and in a culture where many complicate things in their attempt to make great music, YP flirts with the beauty simplicity is. He shows he is skilled at making easily relatable records, and his simplistic approach to creating songs draws you to his craft easily. On Hennessy he repeatedly sings on the chorus in varying pitches “I need to buy myself a bottle of Hennessy”.  Irregardless of its subject matter, his delivery is reminiscent of a nursery rhyme, and accompanied with its delightful drum pattern and jazzy influences on the beat, it makes for one of the better listening experience on the tape most especially if you are bibulous and a lover of Henny. Who doesn’t like Hennessy?

On Facetime, he makes his intention of wanting to be lowkey known clearly when he raps “told her never hit me in the daytime only at night, told her never hit me on Facetime only on Skype…” It features Freaky crooner, Fasina, delivering a verse that doesn’t sit too well with the insistent sound and overall feel of the record. The production to Where Dem Dey is bouncy and its title is a question that’s common on Nigerian lips that translates to where are they, and on the record he boldly suggests there’s no one like him and if they exist he simply wants to know where they are. Bring them out!!

He leaves all his hard guy shit and tackles issues of love on Sugar & Spice. It’s mostly corny but Elevatetoday‘s production helps YP make it a cute record that works well in passing across his message to his love interest. Heartless is a bright song with that tropical feel that reminded me of Nico and Vinz’, Am I Wrong. It features Santi and Ayüü. Santi’s patois delivery adds essence to the song, and Ayüü’s laidback, lover-boy approach makes the song one that would fit right in at your summer rave this season.
There’s music for different moments and PsychoYP arouses different moods on YPSZN. Chain Way is energetic and it’s one of those songs you wild out to with the homies, bumping your head and even if you try to act numb to it, the music will get your fingers in the air. Standard is one of those songs you sip drank to by a pool side. As opposed to scattering over the entire record, the sparing usage of trumpets on the beats by producers, Jaylon & Higo gives the song a more wholesome feel. On Oga he shows his more humorous side when he raps “she don’t like been called head of states, so i changed it to Theresa May” His flow is spontaneous as he finds and plays within the instrumental’s pocket. In terms of creative direction, Shake em Off is cut from the same fabric as a rap classic like Dirt off your Shoulder.

At 19, he combines youthful playfulness with a mastery of the hip-hop/trap sound to put together a body of work that even veterans would be proud to make. A project with no mainstream features, but is so solid it has grabbed the attention of the more popular segment of the Nigerian music industry. Considering the concerns of many Nigerian rappers about a lack of support from the people for their craft after J.Cole’s visit to the country, YPSZN is PsychoYP’s bold statement to anyone who cares to listen that as far as rap music goes, he’s a real contender who cannot be overlooked.
It’s YPSZN and we are here for it ☔☔☔.

Spreading good vibes.

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