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RADR Essentials Vol. 77: Raybekah, Fireboy, S1mba, and Others.

Raybekah, Gyakie, Fireboy, S1mba, and Chike have been keeping the team at RADR company this week.

Rover – S1mba ft DTG

You probably know this song from all the many Reels and Tik- Tok Videos. The fun fact is this song was released in 2018 but just went viral. How cool is that? Rover was Created by British rapper S1mba featuring British rapper DTG and produced by UK producer Relyt. The Moral lesson of this song is that Money >Love. 

Mabuza (Street Thanksgiving) – Zoro

It’s fitting that I’m typing this on a Sunday. The song was produced by Skelly and guitar laced by Fiokee. This song released in 2016 has Zoro thanking God on this song for his trajectory. He Sings “From uber Driver to Range owner, the boy don hammer” Amen, brother. The video gives a good grass-to-grace story. Don’t we all love that?

Ashawo – Fireboy

One thing Yoruba boys will do is always have their backs. Fireboy has given Yoruba boys worldwide an anthem. This song is the song we hate to love. It’s my current favorite of Fireboy’s newly released album- Playboy. 

Follow you – Fiokee, Chike, Gyakie

I love my strings and this song opens beautifully with the talent Fiokee strumming them seamlessly.  Trust Chike to Flex his acting skills whenever he gets the chance. Gyakie also does justice to this song. They sing about following their lover everywhere and anywhere; They will also continue to shout their love to anyone who cares to listen. Fiokee

Ex-Boyfriend – Raybekah

Raybekah came through for her girlies. It’s giving heartbroken but still being that girl. Thank you, Raybekah because we will always have this song to call us to order when we are thinking of sending “hey you” to our exes.  This song has also been doing amazing numbers on Tik-Tok and we are all for that Get your bag, Raybekah.

Rose Komolafe
Rose Komolafe