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RichaardBrown teases Detty Love in New Single ‘Bena’

‘Bena’ is that romantic spice for a Detty December

This year has been a wild one (in a good way) for African music artists and lovers alike. As Nigerian music powerhouses fly the flag for Afrobeats to the World, we also witness a generous amount of young and budding music talents from Africa crossing borders with their respective sounds and maintaining the upward trend of Afrobeats music. RichaardBrown contributes to the catalog of African sounds with his latest release ‘Bena’.

RichaardBrown Bena

Burgeoning Nigerian Afro-fusion artiste RichaardBrown releases his much anticipated single, Bena. This new release comes on the back of his debut record Jazz Up, which garnered support from top music tastemakers in the industry and music lovers across the continent.

With this new track which takes a much-appreciated pivot into the softer side of the Afrobeats genre, RichaardBrown displays his versatility, prowess, and unwavering talent as he adorns the record with silky vocals that glide over the MagicSticks produced track with ease.

Richaardbrown Bena

Bena sees RichaardBrown delivering a groovy Afrobeats tune for listeners to sway to, with stellar production and engineering from MagicSticks. With warming saxophone elements laced through the distinctly African instrumentation of the track, Bena tells an admirable picturesque story about his pseudo-lover and the incredible features she has that he yearns for in his search for romantic companionship.

Richaard touches on the relatable difficulties of finding companionship during the lockdown and how there is a heightened zeal to have fun with his newfound lover as the year comes to an end. The Nigerian-born and UK-based artist does not fail to showcase his Nigerian roots, as he infuses the Nigerian Pidgin English into his catchy lyrics that glide smoothly on the melodic instrumental.

RichaardBrown Bena for RadrAfrica

Speaking on the inspiration behind his new single, Richaard says, “The lockdown period was a lonely one for me just like everyone, but there was this sweet girl that kept me company all through. We would facetime every day, and I just wanted to spend every minute with her. We finally linked, and she was all I had hoped she would be. I also wanted to make a feel-good record about Love, and well, who does not like Love?”

Bena showcases Richaard in a new light, projecting his versatility and establishing him as an artist who has only begun to dole out intriguing sonic palettes. With a growing audience and renewed output, Richaard Brown is keen on applying himself creatively and focused on making music for the young, and motivated to reel in listeners across the globe.

Listen to Bena here.

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