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Ronehi Poured His Soul Into This New Track For the Listners.

Ronehi is a creative Nigerian producer who broke into the scene in 2019 by producing the hit single, ‘Chop Life Crew’ with long-time collaborators and friends, MOJO AF and Prettyboy D-O. He returns to the music scene with a soulful tune; Saudade. Saudade is a soulful piece centered around lost love. The song is the most perfect expression of musical lawlessness.

Saudadee by Roheni

 The direct translation of the title from Portuguese is ‘a sad feeling of longing or nostalgia for someone or something that is absent. To complement this, Ronehi embraced a minimalist approach to the production. He employed soft emotional guitars with an afro-drum pattern that creates a sensual and romantic backdrop for the track. Ronehi shared his vision for this son with another artiste, AYLO.

As an artist dedicated to authentic expression, AYLØ’s lyrics force us to reminisce on lost loves and embrace the power of feeling. The track evokes strong feelings of nostalgia, perhaps even tricking you to text your long-forgotten ex. Perhaps this is a part of the intention of Roheni and Aylo. Whether or not it is, one thing that is crystal clear is the artiste’s mastery of their craft and their potential.

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Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite