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Sarz and WurlD’s “I Love Girls With Trobul” Marks a Shift in Homegrown Sounds

Sometime during the summer of 2018, Sarz introduced Nigerian music listeners to a sound they didn’t believe could come out of their country. Or even if they did, just didn’t care. “Trobul” changed their minds. WurlD’s clear and soothing vocals, coupled with Sarz’ eerie synths and minimalistic drums became the recipe for wine-drunk karaoke sessions and the soundtrack to many intimate gatherings. It birthed a partnership, and laid the foundation for their most recent release as a duo, titled I Love Girls With Trobul.

There are some sounds that just can not be described with words. These sounds would make you feel many things at once, and paint several pictures in your head even if you are not blessed with a strong sense of imagination. A project of eight mid-tempo tracks, the quality of WurlD’s songwriting is seen time and again. The blue-haired maestro speaks about love in so many ways, it makes you feel each track is dedicated to someone new. He sings in his native Yoruba about a love so dangerous on “PRISONA”, while Sarz’ work on “FOCUS” gives off heavy Caribbean energy. A certain Sade is the protagonist in a truthful conversation about unrequited love on “NOBODY WINS INTERLUDE”, and the last song is an afro-jazz rendition named after said protagonist.

While Sarz and WurlD have successful careers independent of each other, it’s hard to believe that the music would sound the same if they tried to remake it with someone else. In this regard, they are similar to the Toronto duo, Majid Jordan. Both the vocals and the instrumentals are one and the same, almost impossible to separate, and so unique that it would be difficult to replicate. And sure, it is not mainstream. It doesn’t seem like it is intended to be. But the truth about music is quality (when properly pushed and backed by good PR) usually shines through. I Love Girls With Trobul is a reminder of the shift in taste in the Nigerian music industry. We are, finally, creating music that we genuinely enjoy.

Clarence Macebong
Clarence Macebong