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South African Hip-Hop Duo 1641 Release “Designer” Video

South African hip-hop duo 1641 has dropped the accompanying visuals for their 2019 single “Designer”. The single saw them tour high schools around the Vaal region as well as a flurry of performances in the local scene. The video was shot, edited, directed and styled in-house.

Hailing from Sebokeng, Gauteng, the rappers Life of Niks(Nkiwe Tom) and Mosa the Misfit(Mosa Botha) make up the duo. Both being longtime lovers of hip-hop, they eventually began making music together in 2017. 1641, originally a side project for their clothing brand “EARTH” took more of a center stage following the release and subsequent success of their first single “Fabric” in 2018.

The duo has begun the year with “Citizen” released as a promotional single in late January. Their debut project is set to be released before the end of the year’s first quarter. Intent on furthering their musical reach beyond Gauteng and South Africa, a remix to “Designer” is in the works. It will feature the upcoming Nigerian afro-swing rapper psiv and the singer TuChae.

2020 is looking promising for 1641. We can be expecting another single by the end of the year’s first quarter. And plans are being made for a tour around Gauteng and a trip to Lagos.

Watch the music video for “Designer” here:

1641 – Designer(Official Music Video)
Danie Rayn
Danie Rayn