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Suté Iwar’s “Don’t Wait Up” video is a Flick on Temporal Affection

When Suté quips “… she’s a born teaser, once you’ve been caught see ya, lost in the sauce see ya” towards the end of his opening verse, you get an idea of what his record ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is about – unreciprocated love.

Don’t Wait Up is the first single off Suté’s upcoming project, Paradise. Its backseat love-style video may strike you as overplayed, but director Ajay Abalaka adds layers that keeps you engaged. It features Suté leading a band on the chorus in melancholic fashion, then he reunites with his backseat love interest at a night out later on in the video. It features Ayüü, Isah, Tomi Obanure making cameos as band members.

Speaking to RADR via text, Suté said: “The song is about unrequited affection. Understanding the reasons for it, and choosing whether to stay or leave. The video basically follows these two characters along for their day. They share their time, get detached, then meet up again. So just like the song, the characters deal with detachment while they do their own thing but decide to stay together”.

Check out the video below

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