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This is Why You Don’t Need Love

“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude,” 

Warsan Shire

Whether you’re dealing with a recent heartbreak, enjoying being a single Pringle or waiting for Mr. Or Mrs. Right to come along. This playlist could help make this Valentine’s Day a little more bearable. Instagram feeds, Twitter timelines and Netflix suggestions are about to stuff this day down our throats. Reminding us of how alone we are. But f**k that. Close the timeline and ignore the fact that yet ANOTHER friend is engaged or your ex has taken his new girlfriend to Paris for the Baecation he promised you. Just enjoy the fact that you are all you need in this world and you know how special you are. So just because no one is making you feel special today doesn’t mean you aren’t. Know it’s not gonna be like this forever. In fact, there will come a day when you miss how much time you had to just focus on you. 

With Dua Lipa setting New Rules for healthier love life, Beyoncé letting you know how flawless you are. Meg to remind you of the joys of living your best hot girl summer life at any point during the year, This playlist is our gift to you this Valentine’s Day xoxo.

Deola Mako
Deola Mako

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