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Tomilola Celebrates Uniqueness On Her Latest Single

   Music is like a lump of clay that any artiste can make into anything. In the hands of a talent like Tomilola, music is a mirror to reflect on life experiences. It is a means to shape the narrative of what happens to her or what she goes through. Tomilola is built different.

As an independent artist, she got off to a previous start under the name Atawęwę,  collaborating with artists like Shalom Dubas and Jinmi Abduls. Songs like  ‘Want You To Know’ provided a look at how unafraid she was to look inwards and share her feelings in a stark and vivid way. Her confidence with songwriting and performance shind even then.

Tomilola has recently moved back home to Nigeria  to take some time to focus purely on music. She is ready to reconnect with her roots  as she enters into a fresh start. A combination of RnB and soul with afro-fusion flavour and a splash of some upbeat high life,  her music grabs listeners’ attention as her writing captures their hearts.  

In July of 2020, Tomilola released her debut single under her new moniker and  began the rebirth of her special artistry. Her confidence and shared vulnerability  about understanding the need to be free of any and all things that can hold one  back resonated with a large number of people and led to the independent success of  her single –  Let Go ft The Cavemen 

From her second single, a follow-up to her breakout record , Let Go, listeners will see more depth to Tomilola’s sound. 

As Tomilola herself explains it ;

“ Mo Yato means “I’m different” in Yoruba. The song talks about the restless feeling that comes from not living your truth. This song expresses breaking away from typical judgment, encouraging acceptance and being yourself, especially if it scares you.“  

The song itself is a bold amalgamation of traditional music elements and modern musical trends. The call and response segments are call back to the early days of afrobeats and in fact traditional Yoruba music. On this track, Tomilola proclaims to the whole world that she’s different and her only competition remains herself.

Listen to the song here;

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson