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TUMI D will surely blow your mind with his new debut single, “HENNESY”.


The afrobeat sound which is heavily influenced by rap/trap hip hop music, delicately speaks to how love can intoxicate you in a way that you cannot compare to anything else, not even a shot of Hennesy. 

This song was inspired by Tumi’s real-life experience and tells the story of a lover, who will do anything to protect the one he loves even when she doesn’t feel the same way, leaving him feeling addicted to her like you would a bottle of Hennesy. 

Growing up in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt, the capital and largest city in Rivers State, Nigeria. Tumi D’s artistic talents were very distinct with early interests in pencil drawing, dancing, and musical creations. 

He started out his musical career as a dancer at the University of Port Harcourt where he got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He was exposed to musical creations and was a very well-known disc jockey until his NYSC year when he started recording and performing music to his peers. 

He then enrolled at the prestigious University of Arkansas, USA for his master’s degree in mechanical engineering where his music dreams were ignited and he joined a thriving community of amazing producers and creatives. 

Tumi D is an eclectic performer who brings a cinematic/stage theatre experience to live music performances in a way we have never seen. He believes that the overall aesthetics of a music piece is as important as the musical expression. 

You can stream his new single “Hennesy” on all streaming platforms. 

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Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje