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Victony: The Saturn Singer and His Untold Story

Victony is primed to become at the peak of his powers, yet his full story is still completely untold.
Picture of Victony

Victony, A name that made rounds in the music and entertainment industry these past few months, is that of a rapidly rising, world-beating artiste who in a short time has been able to transform from his breakout rap flows into a prolific singer and songwriter.

The first time I heard the name Victony was in early February 2020. I came across a post from a friend (Lammy) that struck a happy nerve; An intriguing visualizer announcing the forthcoming release of his new song – S.M.S (sing my song). Take a minute to visualize a soft blend of Rema’s artistic style and Santi’s range, that sort of coolness.

I couldn’t resist clicking the post to check out this intriguing young boy with innocent-looking eyes that had more to say if you looked closely.

Victony after his surgery

Anthony Victor, professionally known as Victony is a 20-year-old afro-pop singer and songwriter with an exuberant spirit and soul full of vitality. He makes music for the young, broken, and in love. That’s how I describe his genre anyway.

In “S.M.S”, Victony still leans in on his proclivities as a rapper even as he fronted his developing ability as a melody slinger. He infuses melody into his rap in a manner that doesn’t bore the listener but gives you an insight into his reality.

There is little room for any doubt on “SATURN”. That is his follow-up EP, where he displays his complete transformation into a melodic singer, and regardless of whether it is temporary, it is safe to say he shed his rapper skin for something more colorful and intriguing.


This EP reflects his carefully thought path to the evolution of his sound. He attracts top afrobeats musician, Falz on a second track—Maria. Victony’s fusion of R’n’B charm and afro-melodic bounce balances out his passionate lyrics with plain but archly melodies. Saturn EP embodies songs like “Space and Time” that reveal Victony’s refined sound as a singer and songwriter.

Victony’s “Saturn” was released under the Mainland Block Party & Jungle records imprint and rocked most of the shows in December 2020. He glamorously thrilled his rapidly growing fan base at the popular mainland block party last December, with flashing scenes of love and excitement whenever Victony rocked a stage.

Before his unfortunate accident in April 2021 that drew support from fans, family, friends, and industry colleagues such as Davido, Teni, Laycon, YKB, and Joeboy for a successful surgery, Victony released a glaring song that speaks highly of the origin of the inspiration behind his music.

“Broken” began as something for the fans on his live Instagram and turned out to be a complete song right there and then. You have got to see for yourself – @victony

Around midnight of April 8th, Victony released the official “Broken” record, complete with a personified music video that flooded social media. Watch the video below.

Broken visualizer

The excerpts from the song — “Girl I’m overdosing, on my own emotions, said I’m all you need right now, but you left me in the open” are so relatable to almost every young adult who has been close to being in love. If you have had a glimpse of what love feels like, I bet you will relate.

Then came Dark Times for Victony

In an unfortunate accident that occurred on the 26th of April 2021, news flooded social media of Victony hospitalized and in need of surgery. Backed by his team, family, friends, and fans (the outlaws), funds and prayers were sent in for Victony’s treatment and speedy recovery.

Barely a week after his team released a statement on the success of his surgery and ongoing recovery, Victony made a post of him and his producer in the studio, already working on new music.

RadrAfrica reached out for a chat with the young singer, and on the other side of the phone is an overwhelmingly positive young man, full of vigor and enthusiastic about the future.

Get involved with our conversation to know more about his story:

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Hello Victony, How are you doing bro?

Hi bro, I’m good and well. Thanks for reaching out.

That’s good to know. So, How has post-surgery been, and how has recovery been like for you?

Well, it has been okay. At first, my recovery was challenging, but I have learned to adapt and see the positive aspects of it all. I get to spend time on things I did not have so much time for before. Now, I can spend more time with family. I also have more time to create, as I’m not on the road anymore, unlike before. But generally, it has been a good run.

Your sound is a very interesting one I must say, can you share what inspired the transformation from a prolific rapper to this new melodic singer?

Okay, so, I think I’ve always had singing in me, but maybe I didn’t discover it on time. It’s more like I probably wanted to be identified as a rapper back then, but the pandemic hit us, and I wanted to try new things. I started singing, and I felt like I served my purpose with the music I began to create. I used to see rap more like a game of figuring out who the best rapper is or matching punchlines with the hottest flows. 

The pandemic and lockdown put me in a different creative space that gave me a more comfortable ground to say things I wanted to with the music. When I began singing and listening to rap songs, I knew if I was going to keep rapping, I had to say some real-life things and not just cap about the lifestyle. Occasionally, I still rap. Maybe I might post some of them later. (gives off a peal of soft laughter as if to say, “no promises”).

Interestingly, Most of your music is built around love and deep emotions, but from a somewhat sad or broken hearts perspective. Any reason for that?

Yeah, some of the music is from my personal experiences, but other times, I draw inspiration from people I admire and musical influences. Growing up, I idolized the likes of Juice WRLD and Post Malone, so whenever I hear a sound from that realm, I can easily relate and sing my soul out. 

It’s easy for me to impersonate a heartbroken individual because the feelings are the closest to the truth. Maybe, I’ve had a couple of heartbreaks (we both laugh hysterically), but I’ve made more music so, let’s look at the good side.

So You made a post in the studio shortly after your tragic incident, I think  about a week. Was that when you began working on the “Dark times” EP?

Actually, No. I recorded “pray” in January this year, and “Unfamiliar Realms” was last year. We recorded at different times, but they just seemed to be perfect at this time. Strangely enough, the first time I recorded “pray”, it meant something else, but after I got out of the hospital, I listened to it again, and it meant something else. My first time was after I had just returned from a performance, and someone texted me saying, “Bro, were you crazy on stage jumping like that?”. So, that’s why I began the song with “Cause me energy high they talk say me ah craze oh”. Then while writing, I also got inspired by Osondu of The Cavemen.

So, when I got out of the hospital and listened to it again, I just knew it was the song that describes how I feel now. It was a song I could use to tell my story or describe my experience since I couldn’t express how I felt, and I couldn’t speak to many people about my experience. My music was the best way to do that, and Dark times just felt perfect.

At this point, I try to find out what goes on in his head when he creates…

I’m sure there are a lot of curious people out there, so I’ll ask this, what’s your creative process like?

HonestlyI can’t say there’s a particular creative process for me. It’s usually like the seasons. It changes with how I feel or where I am, or my energy. I don’t often write before going to the studio, I could want to do something different and text my producer, and other times, I may see something and get inspired to put a few words down. Most times, it’s spontaneous.

Your release “Broken” sounds like a personal record. Can you shed some light on the background story for that song?

I made the song on my Instagram live with people watching me and my producer. The video is still on my Instagram. Broken was just born out of my musical influences and a couple of inputs right there on my Instagram live. We just did it, and it felt special. 

I wouldn’t say that’s my genre, even though it influenced my sound. There are times when I want to make that kind of music, but there are times when I can make anything I want. I make music for the whole world.

No specific genre, Interesting. So, when you’re not in the studio or recording, what can we find Victony doing? 

Uh, most of my time is spent doing something related to music. Making music, discussing plans for music or creative ideas, and all that. Sometimes I paint. It’s been a long time since I did that anyway. I would say I watch movies to relax, but they’re mostly old movies. I don’t think I’ve seen any movie made after 2004. The bulk of my time is spent making music and doing music-related activities and discussing new ideas with my creative director or team.

Pray by Victony

You have put out several singles, an amazing EP, and “Dark times”. What’s next?

For Dark Times, it was initially just something for the fans and believers to know I’m still around and here to continue our amazing music relationship as outlaws. But the reception so far has been overwhelming. It’s nothing like we expected. So, we’ve got plans in the works, and by God’s grace, we’ll have them all executed at the perfect time.

You have one of the hottest songs out now with Mayorkun. How does it feel having your first number 1 record in the country?

Having the number 1 song in the country for weeks is very exciting for me because it shows that my voice is finally being heard by a lot of Nigerians. My music is getting into the world, and that inspires me to keep making music. Overall, I’m thankful.

Rightly said. How has your recent experience influenced your view about life and your plans for the future?

Honestly, it changed the way I see life now. You know, things that we usually see but just pay passive attention to, means more than just what it appears to be. I’m more open-minded to the saying “anything can happen’’, and “nothing is guaranteed”. I know I used to say it before, but now it means more. 

The best thing we can do is just try to be good to people to ourselves and others. Strive to spend time with people we love and show them we love them while we are here. I would say my experience made me more aware and see life differently.

I couldn’t agree more. It is glaring that more audiences are recognizing your talent and identifying with your sound. What does this mean to you mentally, musically (career) and what are your plans going forward? An album next, or what should we expect from Victony soon?

It means a lot to me I must say. It gives me this realization that my dreams are valid. When there’s growth in whatever you’re doing, it means you can get to the peak of your goals if you keep trying. The growth shows that if I put my heart into my craft, I can achieve all I want to. So, it gives me enough positivity to keep up my energy and zeal to put out more music. There will be more projects to come soon, of course, I can’t say if it’s going to be another EP or Album next, but lots of good music will continue to be released.

Speaking to Victony reveals a truth about youth and the hurdles young people have to overcome to achieve success, happiness, or fulfillment in life. It also opens one’s mind to a world of endless possibilities for the singer-songwriter and rekindles a desire to up your spirit, even in dark times. They will eventually pass because someone, somewhere, is praying for you.

As we conclude our conversation and exchange our goodbyes, I hint at Victony that the fans expect an album soon. He makes it clear that as much as he’s a young man with wild dreams, there’s nothing more important to him than music and family. This family includes everyone who has been with him since he began his musical journey, those who came on board after one or two listens, and all who have said one or two kind words of positivity during his dark times. He won’t stop making music to feed the soul of everyone who has once heard his voice.

Listen to “Holy Father” here.

Arshavin Ephraim
Arshavin Ephraim
Host of #RealTalk show on Twitter. I am passionate about talent and creativity. Arshavin is a writer who doubles as a mental health advocate and part-time relationship counselor.

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