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W1zzy shares empowering debut EP ‘Love Always Wins’

Burgeoning Afro-fusion musician W1zzy releases his debut EP “Love Always Wins” and it packs a punch. “Love Always Wins” is a 9-track project on which W1zzy explores the depth of his personal experiences and life values. The EP features fast-growing African acts Camidoh, Pvpi Starz, Adejosh, and more.

Afro-fusion musician W1zzy

Williams Osei-Obengo, professionally known as W1zzy is a rapper and trailblazer of the Afro-Fusion sound in the UK scene. Born and raised in France, he started music at age 14 as a French rapper, infusing elements from his Ghanaian roots to discover a sound that is entirely his own. Heavily influenced by his father’s love for highlife music, it inspired him to make music at a tender age from listening to African musicians such as Amakydede, A.B Crentsil, Daddy Lumba, and Bob Marley.

Formerly a member of the Afrobeats trio Vibe Squad, W1zzy has consciously worked towards setting a blueprint for the music culture in the UK. W1zzy has worked alongside major talents such as Fuse ODG, NSG, Sona, and Rayzmusick with performances in both English and French, earning him spots on the coveted playlists Spotify Afrobashment UK and Chop Daily.

W1zzy releases debut EP titled Love Always Wins

In “Love Always Wins”, W1zzy shares his story and lays a compounding emphasis on the need to spread love above all. The intro “Stress Away” tells a story about a period of frustration in W1zzy’s life as the whole world struggled to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. In a bid to turn his pain and tribulations into art, he locked himself up in the studio from January 2021, working consistently to weave deep stories that birthed some of the amazing songs on the EP. W1zzy goes on a self-reflective journey on mid-tempo record “Big Vybe”, touching on inevitable grief and counting his losses on the mellow track backed by guitar strings. W1zzy and Camidoh tap into their Ghanaian roots on “04:04”, asserting that they do not need validation from anyone. The EP owes its stellar production credits to Omo Frenchie, Steve Rawd, Omar Duro, and more fast-rising African producers in the UK. 

Speaking on the EP, W1zzy says, “I believe that we are more powerful when we empower each other and surround ourselves with good people that bring out the best in us. Everything starts with love, always remember that love is the ultimate law. Love Always Wins”. 

With his music, W1zzy represents the culture and his African heritage. He makes music with so much drive that his latest project carves a spot for himself as one of the advocates of Afrobeats in the diaspora. The EP “Love Always Wins” showcases W1zzy in a new light, projecting him as a multi-faceted artist that has only just begun to unearth intriguing sonic palettes from his arsenal.

Listen to “Love Always Wins” here.

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