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Wavy The Creator Returns With A 24-HOUR Teaser

Multi-talented creative Wavy The Creator  has been off the grid for a little while, but now she is back and better than ever. Since taking a step back from the limelight, Wavy has been on a journey of growth and self-discovery, in order to connect with herself and others on a deeper level.

The artist commented: “I needed this time to really work on myself. It has allowed me to regain my confidence and discover new parts of myself and my music. I’ve learned more about the kind of music I want to make, and I feel a lot more connected to my creative side. I’ve unlocked a different level of myself that I’m excited to share in a pure and honest way.”

In celebration of her new chapter and the end of her much-needed break, Wavy The Creator has released an exclusive freestyle track produced by Ghanaian producer Kuvie which will be available for only 24 hours. The track has a unique fusion of old school hip hop and a splash of  funk elements. It features Wavy saying exactly what she’s feeling in a casual, fun and confident way, while highlighting her ability to “bend her genre”. 

The “Alien” seems to have discovered a new world (PLANET AMOEJI)  that she is now ready to usher us into. If you’re ready to go on this journey with her, click to listen to her newest drop! Remember, it’s only available for 24 hours. 

Listen to it here.

Clarence Macebong
Clarence Macebong