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At the bridge of my becoming, I began to recognize that I held the power to fly. I was born with wings, I was not given these wings so you could cage me with them in a man’s world.

I am a little girl

Taught that the beauty that I possess defines me. That the passion I hold inside of me, is a burden not a gift. That my wound is meant to be covered till it rots and the smell fills the room. Taught to have a third eye at the back of my head. Taught to be careful when alone because I am fragile, after all I have no pole between my legs.

I am a woman

Getting stronger by the day. I am dehumanized, my vulnerability is set aside because I decide not to shrink myself. I do not meet the expectations of womanhood that the world has set for me. I forgive them because they are blind. They do not see what I exude, the flames I breathe out from my nostrils and the strength of a thousand moons that I hold on my back. I refuse to be shameful anymore, I will speak the words my mother refused to speak and I will be unstoppable, I am a flower, I will take everything I want with a bloom.

He is a man

You give him privilege. To take what he wants without thinking twice. To go out and conquer. To never cry and be a ‘man’. Because women of course, are the ones meant to have such an emotion. You tell him he is bigger and she is smaller. You tell him that fragile and needs to be guarded, controlled if not she will go the wrong way. You tell him to carry her, she cannot stand on her own. He can be the president, but she has to fight ten times harder if she wants it because of course her emotions will cloud her judgments. You never teach him what makes her happy but teach her what makes him happy and how to keep him too.  You tell him, he is rock and she is glass.

Privilege blinds, it has always been its nature too. In other to see, you must push it away. Let’s be feminists, let’s push it away.

IB Davies

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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