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Paul Kelly On Creating Stellar Illustrations

Visual artists in general have the super power of creating pieces that speak powerfully to viewers. Today, Radr is talking with Paul Kelly about his latest collection of illustrations. The collection’s laid back vibes and cool colours make it a visual success. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Can you tell me about when you began creating art and your journey to where you are now?

I started creating illustrations last year because I wanted to become more of a brand identity designer as some projects might need me to illustrate. I’m still new to the field and my latest project was an exploration exercise to get to know it better.

What would you say influences your art?

I would say curiosity and adventure.I’m curious about illustration and the various styles that  exist and as I’m aiming to be more of a multidisciplinary designer, the adventure helps me to stay on theme.I started illustrating last year, in 2020. Curiosity and perspective has influenced my art so far.

Whoa last year? Save some talent for the mandem now😭

Lol, I don’t think I’m good enough yet. I still struggle with some things concerning illustrations.

So why these characters? it’s a pretty laid back collection but I can feel so much movement in each piece; they all carry an individual vibe. Was this an intentional thing when creating the collection?

Yeah it was intentional. At first, I started off wanting to create illustrations based on perspectives but as I saw more references that I liked I started exploring different styles. So I needed to unify them, making each piece stand alone but when viewed together, looked like a collection. One might not notice but there are 6 sport illustrations and 6 lifestyle illustrations in the collection.

Interesting, why did you pick sports and lifestyle?

It wasn’t planned at first, I think my preferences subconsciously led me there, when I realised, I just decided to balance it.

Artists’ intuition at work, I see. What is the most fun aspect of creating for you?

Being able to play with colours and shapes to create a feeling, message or vibe is the most fun for me.

Wonderful. Thank you for talking with me.

You’re welcome.

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