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WeTalkSound Releases LOFN 4 – A Collaborative Love-Themed Album

WeTalkSound is arguably the largest music community in Nigeria. It is a vast congregation of musical creatives from singers and producers to listeners who simply love good music. 

In their usual yearly fashion, WeTalkSound released the 4th edition of their love-themed album series ‘LOFN’ on Valentine’s Day to top the Apple Music Alternative albums chart.The album is a collection of love songs and songs about love that are truly diverse. They achieve this by the many different perspectives on love the contributing artistes have.

The project has 14 songs, opening with Naya Akanji’s enchanting voice on ‘Busy’ where she collaborated with TiwaDara, and closing with QUIZZzY and Jvsh’s ‘Distraction’.

The theme on the album revolves strongly around love and relationship stories told across several angles. We hear about sex, promises, PDAs, and serenades as told by young Nigerians who have absorbed and experienced relationships in different dimensions.

Sonically, LOFN 4 is a blend of rich sounds cloaked in slow-tempo melodies. This isn’t to say there aren’t any fast paced songs, the album gets more upbeat, when listeners hear Kemena’s Soweto and Toxic by 3rvmz, thePDSTRN. The album also boasts R&B leaning tracks like ‘Love You Now’ by Deziire and ‘Fallin’ by Omotayo.

While we hear some Afropop on Nu Baby & KvY’s ‘Like Am’, sweet lovey dovey vibes on A.D.A.M & Kidda X’s ‘Number’, Viveeyan demands for PDA on ‘Love Me Loud’ and Mo’believe & Kaycekeys want to stay out of ‘Trouble’

Bunmi Africa adds a spice of Spoken Word poetry to the album with ‘O for Orgasm’, AndreMussic, Ihcego and the Ignis Brothers dazzle with ‘Lale’, ‘D.W.M.T’ & ‘Lighthouse’ respectively.

LOFN 4 is the 4th album in the series, coming after LOFN 3 which was released to critical acclaim in 2020. The album was executively produced by Dolapo Amusat with creative direction and A&R by the WeTalkSound team.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson