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9 Street-Wear Brands That Make Fashion Season Hot

The street style culture seeped into the African fashion world fast, fierce and focused. Although, It has always been present as we Africans are the most stylish bunch out there but the acknowledgement and labeling as “STREET STYLE” came much later. Now? We cannot let it go because it’s a lifestyle.
As GTBank Fashion Weekend season begins in Lagos in full swing, we are getting bowled over by killer street style looks. Apart from the style stars we are eager to see, there are brands behind these unique looks that we totally love. They are creative, super brilliant and just at that right balance between edgy and out of the box.

As the GTBank fashion weekend begins on the 9th of November 2019, here’s a spotlight on 9 street-wear brands that make fashion season hot.
These brands may not be well known to you but we assure you, they are worth all the hype and are definitely on our Radr.

Street wear brands for Fashion Week


One of Africa’s elite androgynous brands showcasing heritage and culture in all their collections. Inspiration appears to have come from various parts of Nigeria, seen through one of their most recent “NORTHERNERS” collection.


What we will love to describe as an Afro-socio-political brand that creates a fusion between fashion and the society. Maxivive brings versatility and activism to Nigerian fashion using creative means such as the famous political poster formats and inspiration from brands like Pepsi and Mcdonalds.


Asime creates a twist to modern fashion using specially sourced prints from Ghana. A socially conscious brand that contributes a significant lot of its profits to the initiative Dream Big Ghana, supporting the growth of female-led businesses in Ghana. Not only is it a brand with society at heart, but also consumers at heart, as each Asime piece is designed and created with pride and passion.


Bloke creates a blend between African fashion, art, culture and location to create its eccentric collections. Religion in Africa also appears to have a massive influence on Bloke fashion showing Bloke as not only a creative brand but a socially conscious brand seen in its recent ‘RUNWAY OFFERING’ collection.


Popular blogger VainBlackBoy uses his brand to not only enhance the Lagos Agbada wars, but also to add a touch of color to every individual sense. The brands ability to blend monochrome and chromatic looks into fashion makes the brand very unique and one that we should all look out for.


South African brand Bam collective is a luxury women wear brand that takes it inspiration from contemporary South African people, culture, and the overall African heritage. Bam collectives pieces showcase energy, joy and excitement from the jungle drums, leaving each individual unique in their own style.


With its new “ILLUMINATION” collection, FeetbyLumi creates a balance between comfort and style for women. The brand is established with the aim of creating footwear to illuminate the power, beauty and intelligence in women.


Not only does the brand fuse elements from great jollof warriors Nigeria and Ghana, ILI is also a socially conscious brand that uses fashion to redefine issues such as Pan-Africanism, independence and sovereignty in Africa. Its latest collection “SOVEREIGNTY” is one that should be greatly anticipated.


DMF is a Nigerian brand that enables the growth of street style through online marketing and its own site that not only sells luxury beauty products but also a luxury fashion lifestyle at very affordable rates through its “SHOP WITH 5K” initiative.

Soba Dakuku Peterside
Soba Dakuku Peterside

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