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Julius Bonita: Promoting body-positivity through fashion

Julius Bonita is a 24-year-old chemical engineer with dreams of pushing boundaries and promoting body positivity with her fashion-forward brand Studio Bonnitta. Bonita is a designer, creative director, fashion stylist, and entrepreneur.

How would you define your idea of fashion?

My idea of fashion is generally the portray of expressive art. Wearing clothes is a form of expression.

Creative expression can take many forms, what made you decide to start your own clothing brand?

I started my own brand because I loved to have a little bit of everything. There weren’t brands within my reach doing that, so I had to take one for the team.

Tell us about your greatest challenge as a fashion designer in Nigeria?

The greatest challenge for me so far is the expectation that people have. They compare you to the long-time established brands, forgetting that we literally buy fabrics and produce here. Labor in Nigeria isn’t cheap.

Tell us about your best and worst fashion moment?

My best moment has to be being able to design and produce my birthday dress and make it all on the same day

The worst moment I don’t think I have any so far

What are the 5 things every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Black mules 

Black pants 

A white crop top 

An oversized tee shirt 

Simple bikini

Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje