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Anklets, Our Favorite Taboo.

Remember when someone tweeted that anklets were not accepted culturally and morally? Well, someone did not get their facts right. Anklets are very cultural. Just like waist-beads and necklaces, they were worn by royalties, dancers adorn themselves with them, women wore them to events and displayed them proudly. Wearing anklets is a beautiful trend and 2019 has not just women wearing them but all genders.

However, our favorite vintage accessories are no longer exclusively cultural, they have been accepted worldwide. Designer brands like Gucci, Alexa Chung, Chloe and many others are tapping into the trend by making exquisite statement anklets. These leg candies come in beads, pearls, shells, cowries, gold, chains, pretty charms and many more. There’s something that definitely fits your aesthetics.

Surprisingly, we have very few Anklet brands/ stores in Africa. They’re mostly homemade or gotten from local artisans at really affordable prices. We are hoping to see more African jewelry brands add this to their collection.


There are no grand rules to styling Anklets . Go minimal, go bold. Hide them under pants for work or show them off at an outing. Rock them with heels, pair them with toe rings on slippers or go casual with sneakers.

Can you also layer? You definitely can!


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