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Duro Olowu SS21 -We Still Need Great Clothes

“My feeling is that we still need great clothes. We still need tailoring – but tailoring that feels louche, relaxed and chic,” – Duro Olowu

What Inspires Duro Olowu?

You don’t need to go through hundreds of articles to know Duro Olowu lives and breathes Art. Constantly drawing inspiration from Visual Art, he creates beautiful and vibrant timeless pieces. For Spring Summer 2021, Emma Amos is responsible for the vivid imagination Duro has brought to life. The celebrated African-late American figurative artist and feminist was the only female member of the Spiral. The African-American painting group formed in the 60s to debate the political role of black artists. Duro was inspired by her work, her use of colors, lifestyle, and her incredible style.

In this collection, Duro is consistent with color block & bold patterns. Neema kayitesi pulls off every look, from co-ord sets, to jumpsuits, & dresses.

 “I don’t believe in sloppy.”

Duro remembers falling in love with ‘Ëva The Babysitter‘. This is one of Emma’s early canvases showing her daughter being cared for by a baby sitter. However, the message passed was the importance of Eva in Emma’s growth as a painter. Eva provided her time to paint while she cared for her child. Her uses of vivid colors such as bold oranges, blues, browns, yellows, greens, and reds in paintings work with his bold yet relaxed signature style.

Emma supported herself as a painter, designer, patternmaker and a teacher.

While designing my collection, I found myself reflecting on the fact that many of the same issues of race and gender inequality Amos experienced and confronted in her work, throughout an almost 60-year-long career, are still sadly very much issues that plague society today“.

Photography by Luis Monterio

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