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Five Emerging Fashion Designers You Should Buy By Grace Alex

Grace Alex has been highlighting fashion brands from Instagram that she loves. She shares with us her favourite 5 fashion brands you should buy & wear

Words: Grace Alex

A few years ago, I was stuck in my hotel room and bored out of my mind. Then I decided to surf Instagram for eccentric takes on fashion to twiddle my thumbs. The result was the birth of ‘Brands Today.’ The idea was to spotlight and document emerging designers who are under the radar despite their peerless effort at pushing fashion boundaries.

Since then, I have come across hundreds of idiosyncratic fashion brands creating designs that are sustainable, intriguing and wearable. In today’s mash-up I’ll introduce you to 5-brands on my radar recently that have stood out as earlier mentioned.


Post-Imperial is a Nigerian-American brand founded in 2012 by designer Niyi Okuboyejo. In a contemporary but traditional move, Niyi adopts the familiar ‘Adire’ textile in a free-flowing men’s cut. The result is a ‘relaxed,’ ‘august’ piece, incorporating colourful and engaging patterns that are unique but related and connected to Niyi’s African roots.   


It’s not lost on me that there is an emerging trend of revisiting old African textile (Adire) with spiffy interpretations. Amarelis is a Lagos-based brand bringing another dimension to the endearing ‘Adire’ print. Bold silhouettes, with a sophisticated colour palette, asymmetric cuts of both male and female pieces, that maintains the long African tradition of making strong statements with fashion. Amarelis spin evokes the right balance of nostalgia and refinement. 

‘From St Xavier’s

Skillfully crafted, ‘From St Xavier’s‘ bags and clutches, are unique, eye-catching wardrobe must-haves. With an avant-garde approach, each design highlights an artisanal charm, exceptional quality and refined aesthetic within its details. In recent times the brand has collaborated with The Metropolitan Arts Museum to design a few charming collections.

Waffles & Cream

Waffles & Cream a neat interpretation of funky fashion. The unconventional brand pays tribute to the functional, but not necessarily basic, style of Lagos street fashion. Their designs highlight a unique charm by pushing the boundaries of traditional everyday wears and transforming them to de rigueur.


Known for her artisanal technique, Sade Mims, the creator of ‘Edas,’ finds newness from focusing on sustainability. The result, customized craftsmanship that appeals to the everyday eclectic woman. With a background in home goods, each product is crafted with eccentric detailing, giving off a sense of customization and contrast. 

I do hope these curated edits inspire you to seek out and support brands pushing the boundaries of fashion, ethically and creatively. 

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Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin