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Emefa Smith Shares Her Five Fashion Favourites

Styling, costume design, content creating, and brand management. These are a few of the many talents Emefa Smith has. She is also the creative director of The Vintage Smith. It is a fashion accessories brand famous for it’s sunglasses and beaded bags.

Emefa Smith - Radrafrica

One of the hardest things to do is virtual interviews/ features. Everyone agrees to do them but very few people are willing to do the work. This is why the five fashion favourites features have been on hold for a while but we are happy to be live again!

Emefa has a distinctive style and takes the ‘Alté’ fashion to a greater level . These are her favourite fashion items and if you know her too well, this is spot on.

  1. Pearl Shoulder Bag.

It is my favourite go-to bag and it compliments any outfit.

2. Glasses

Emefa Smith - Radrafrica

Glasses are life essentials, period.

3. Cherry Earrings.

I’m a whole meal and cherries are the perfect toppings.

4. Satin Slip dress/Two-piece.

I can’t live without them. Satin feels lush against my skin and slips are the easier things to wear.

5. The Vintage Smith Lolita Bag.

Apart from being a great brand ambassador, the lolita bag is perfect for a night out.

From this, we can tell she lives and breathes fashion!

If this was a Ten favourites article, what else do you think Emefa Smith would add?

I’ll say Neon clothing!