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Good Girls Wear Studio Bonnitta

Going against social and societal standards of what a good girl should look like, Studio Bonnitta brings you the good girl essentials in this capsule collection. The easy-to-style outfits come in dreamy colors and textures and are perfectly curated to please your senses.

TIA, a crop top with virago sleeves in ivory silk is my personal favorite. Everything about it appeals to me, both style & color. I consider it multifunctional, as it could be styled casual & dressy.

KOKO, just like TIA comes in silk as well. An alter neck top with a beautiful ruching detail in front and a sash at the back.

WENDY, Wendy Wendy! Bare shoulders and smocked details. I love it!

CELINE & GIA for days you want to show up! Show up to where you ask ? I don’t know, i hear the lockdown has been eased.

CELINE in glitters! If you don’t show up in bold colors, studio Bonnitta insists you show up dreamy! Like a famous fashion icon once said, your wardrobe is empty if you don’t own a co-ord set.

CHAING. The black co-ord set with metallic details is my second favorite piece and I feel like a bad bitch (good girl) picturing myself in it. I think the pants would look nicer if they were longer but they still look really good.

HERMOSA . It is a sheer dress, in prints! There probability of going wrong in this, is none!

Studio Bonnitta started out as an Afrocentric brand called Snatched By Nzuri making lovely pieces with African prints. With the rebrand, StudioBonnitta has taken a new direction. You can make your order on Instagram.