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In the immersive space of Dunsin Wright’s “2121: Speculative Everything” fashion exhibition

The title of the show was “2121: Speculative Everything”  and it was the first-ever annual fashion exhibition created and directed by the multi-talented creative director, stylist, consultant, and PR genius, Dunsin Wright. 

Dunsin Wright is a leading Nigerian stylist with a notable roster of famous clients including the popular Alte musician, Tems. She’s also the head of PR for the luxury fashion brand, Lisa Folawiyo. All of these and more tell you that when it comes to fashion, exhibitions, and all-round creativity, Dunsin knows her onions. 

The first-of-its-kind show took place from the 13th to 14th of December in Lagos, Nigeria with popular attendees such as singing sensation; Tems, fashion icon; Denola Grey, music duo; The Cavemen, producer; Wale Davies, Alte musician; BOJ, social media personality; Ashley Okoli, and more. 

Dunsin Wright at her fashion exhibition in Lagos

The name is an apt representation of what the show revolved around. The term “Afro-futurism”, what it means from an African lens, black sci-fi, anthologies, speculations, and the future were the theme for this show. 

One could say that the concept of the show bordered around one question –  what will fashion look like a hundred years from now?

It was a show inspired by sci-fi, and viewing alternate realities through fashion design, Dunsin sought to explore that in her show and bring it to life.

What would fashion be for Africans and Black people, who have historically been excluded from the sci-fi and futuristic lens? Dunsin pointed out in a caption on her Instagram that the aim of the show is “to create a space for African creatives to reimagine the future, to celebrate innovation, and reclaim our stories, a space to escape to a place where imaginations are limitless. Being surrounded by so much creativity and talent gives me hope and I want to provide a space for people to feel the same.”

The fashion exhibition featured finely crafted and incredible body of work from African designers; Adesuwa Aighewi, Kadiju, Guido Moscj, Elfreda Dali, Zainab Mansary, and Piece et Patch 

At the end of the day, the show provided an immersive space that had never been seen before. To experience fashion, to feel more inspired, and to see a future.

zine created by 2121 in collaboration with Gida Journal

The exhibition was accompanied by a zine created by 2121 in collaboration with Gida Journal. Each page considers alternate realities, Afrofuturism and Blackness through the work of eleven designers and artists. And on the cover is a visual exploration of black hair texture and hairstyles by Minne Atairu. 

Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba