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Pink noise; a fashion film by Temidayo Johnson and TSD

Picture this; the wind is blowing softly and the sky is clear. You’ve arrived on the beach to pick seashells for no reason—your little hobby when the world gets overwhelming. 

With your hands through the sand, digging for shells, the waters make their way to your feet. Warm and calming, they wash across the shore. 

Everything is tuned out this morning. Lower frequencies are amplified and higher frequencies are diminished. 

Only nature can be heard, the sounds of waves crashing on the beach you stand on, pink noise. 

This picture was brought to life in the short fashion film titled ‘Pink noise’. Created and directed by Temidayo Johnson, co-produced and styled by The Styling Duo, Andrei and Kachi.

And with the help of the amazing cast, and crew, as well as the fashion designers, they shaped everything and gave life to the project.

It was first shown at a private screening on the 20th of November. And on Friday, the 25th of November by 3 pm, a virtual screening would be held. This virtual screening of “Pink noise; a fashion film” is open to everyone once you register.  

This film is a celebration of art, fashion, photography, film, and music. With these combined, they stirred up internal debates, convictions, and interpretations. 

Speaking on topics that need to move beyond murmurs into action. The only request is an open mind. 

A breakdown of Pink Noise; a fashion film.

The film started with a model who was dressed in a pink outfit and a big colorful hat. The outfit choice and the model’s movement would remind you of a jellyfish. The sea creature regulates the plankton ecosystem and provides habitat and space for juvenile fish among other roles. 

And all around her were men dressed in military attire. To me, this represented the environment and the people who gladly feed off the dying planet.

The scene was accompanied by an original music piece and a part of Greta Thunberg’s powerful speech at the Youth4Climate conference in Milan.

She spoke about the environment and the need for change, action, and for hope that is not passive. 

The incorporation of this speech into the scene made it all the more moving and compelling.

You can read into the more political side of things as she ‘mocked’ politicians and officials for their empty promises.

“There is no planet B” there is no planet blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah. “This is not about some expensive politically-correct green-assed bunny-hugging or”…blah blah blah. “Build back better” blah blah blah. “Green economy” blah blah blah. “Net zero by 2050” blah blah blah. “Net zero” blah blah blah. “Climate-neutral” blah blah blah. 

Hope is not blah blah blah

And just when you get to thinking, the next scene appears; three women dressed in white knitted dresses by the beach. A piece of very soothing music accompanies it and you can’t help but find it spiritual, at least to some extent. 

It is left to your interpretation with no wrong answers. Do you think of the goddess of water? Do you think of purity? Does it speak to you on women and their resilience? Does the greek mythology of the fates; the destiny goddesses of the past, present, and future come to mind? 

Then a white box. A box containing at different times, different men from different backgrounds with different views of life. One, formal with a briefcase and a suit. The next is a boxer and then an artiste/rapper, and the fourth, a man who’s more expressive with his fashion and life choices. 

In this scene, conversations on gender, acceptance, perspectives, and expression were explored. And the music, an original score for the film, punched through. 

Culture and community were the topics for the fourth section. A community meeting featuring various cultures from Africa, each in a modern take of their traditional attire with accessories that complete each look and an original music piece that calmed the room. 

It all came together in the final scene. Culture, oneness, community, family, sisterhood, gender, environment, politics, emotional expression, and topics that come up at least once in everyone’s lives, all here on the beach you’re standing on.

Accompanied by nature’s original score, pink noise. 

virtual screening poster of pink noise; a fashion film

To experience this yourself, register to see the virtual screening of Pink noise; a short fashion film on Friday by 3 pm.

Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba