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RADR’s favorite looks from Lagos Fashion Week 2022 Day 1

11 designers presented their collections on day 1 of the Lagos fashion week 2022 runway. Each collection featured 3 to 30+ looks that showcased the designer’s vision, be it femininity, the African culture, and their take on particular techniques and silhouettes. Each of these pieces was crafted with love and expert construction and techniques. 

There were a lot of styles that caught our attention in beautiful ways and we’re sharing some of our favorite looks from day 1 with you. 

Photography by Insignaonline.


The collection caught our eyes with its boxy silhouettes, expert construction and tailoring, and monochrome blue, gray, white, and black looks. It featured both women’s and men’s wear.

Simone Elise

The debut runway show of the fashion brand featured bold neon-colored satin materials and floral motifs in flowing silhouettes with rouches and drapes. 


The collection featured expertly tailored straight pants, long dresses with cutouts, overalls, and the use of crinkle fabrics. 


With a collection true to the brand, soft hues and elegant silhouettes were prominent. It included textured materials in a long green dress with puff sleeves, a short orange dress with flowing pleats, denim pieces, and colorful prints.

Desiree Iyama

The brand’s ‘Why not now’ collection featured elegant dresses in soft pastel colors, remarkable necklines like asymmetry and off-the-shoulder looks. As well as puff sleeves and hems, pleats, and sculptural silhouettes. 

Cute Saint 

Cute Saint’s collection was titled ‘Omo Eko’ and it featured the brand’s trademark textile design and print in orange, yellow, black, brown, blue, and so on. With long dresses pleated downwards, suits, flowing shirts, pants, and cut-out jumpsuits, the collection seeks to remind us of Lagos’s Eyo history and its beauty.

Algueye Dakar 

In this debut women’s wear collection, the Senegalese culture and heritage were prominently showcased. That’s why bright colors like orange, green, and blue with intricate cuts and unmissable silhouettes were used.

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Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba