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Young Kings and Queens Wear Severe Nature

One cannot overemphasize the danger of a single story. Especially for a continent as rich in culture as Africa. This is why every African creative must take it upon themselves to express to the fullest every aspect of our culture and lifestyle. Over the years, there have been cliche trends and one-sided portrayals of fashion in Africa. severe nature is a breakaway from the norm. They bring extra to the ordinary, as well as a refreshing and rejuvenating perspective. 

Severe Nature

Severe nature was born out of necessity to fill a vacuum in the Nigerian fashion industry. This vacuum is the absence of streetwear in the runways and wardrobes. Severe nature wants to bring expressive youth fashion under the spotlight. In essence, their clothes are by the youth, for the youth. From their year of inception, they have been able to achieve a rare balance between high quality, urban and inexpensive wear. Severe nature wishes to catapult Nigerian streetwear fashion from underground to the global scene. They have been doing this with each collection and their latest collection takes their mission to an entirely new level. 

Jungle Of Africa

The ”Jungle of Africa Capsule 22” is Severenature’s latest collection and it is currently the talk of the town. Wears from this collection have graced the necks of Nigerian pop culture stars like; Rema and Ayanfe the artist. They tell the story of the Nigerian youth; creative, evocative, and artistic. Indeed, every young person in Nigeria should hop on the train and cop these trendy clothes.

The jungle of Africa collection encapsulates outside-the-box street wears that is enthralling. The collection features unisex round-neck tops that can be styled in multiple ways. It also includes the SevereNature knit vest that is designed to suit the client’s taste. Sounds cool right? The Jungle of Africa collection and Severenature has a lot more cool streetwear to churn out and every African youth should be a part of the movement.  

Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite