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Sabr tells a vivid Jamestown story on ‘still learning’

still learning is a docuseries by Prassars Collective. It captures the life of Nigerian born photographer, Sabr, as he talks about how he started his creative journey while sharing emotive stories about his trip to Jamestown, Ghana.

Prassars Collective plan to document the growth of creatives, and Sabr speaking:
There’s an angle of creativity that is pretty indispensable, because everyday we live; every moment, we make memories. Our minds become the camera, capturing these moments. The indispensability of capturing and keeping memories, birthed this piece of work. Also, the fact that as a human I can’t say I know it all, but I admit that I am Still Learning”.

still learning sabr

Sabr means perseverance in arabic, and the photographer’s story is truly one of patience because to admit that you’re still learning, even as you constantly grow, shows great level of patience & humility.

Watch Sabr’s story:

  • Photography: Sabr
  • Director/Editor: Viktor Awuse
  • Cinematography: Onari Oruye

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