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Finding the creative in you

“The world is your canvas, create your reality.” -Unknown. 

There’s creativity in all of us. It may be unrefined or undiscovered, but most of the time, it’s there. 

Creativity is simply self-expression; birthing new ideas and doing something different or differently. For a lot of people, creativity feels like a reach, and they almost believe the lie that they’re incapable of it. If this is you, then keep reading. 

If you’re looking to ignite the creativity in you, the first thing you must know and believe is that; there is room for you and that you’re capable of creating.  As for the other things, keep reading to find out.

Explore your interests 

Think about all of the interests that you have. 

Now, think about how many of them you’re actively exploring. The key to discovering creativity is to explore your interests and harness the skills that you find the most fascinating/interesting. Putting your best skills to use, places you in a better position, so be careful when selecting them. It’s important to view these interests as a means to an end, they’ll inspire and spur you to become that creative genius. 

Find a mentor

Think of anything you want to become, and know that someone, somewhere is on that path, doing the same thing and they are winning at it. The idea behind finding mentors is to inspire you, help you learn from their experiences, and understand your path better. Learn from their mistakes, study their progression, and take a few lessons from them.


Nothing teaches you more about creativity than the actual act of creating. Creativity is not one-dimensional. It revolves around flexibility and fluidity. So you don’t have to worry about creating to fit a certain structure, you’re always welcome to tweak a few things to fit your style, especially when you are just starting out.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. One hack that has helped a lot of creatives channel their creativity better is collaborating with others. Since you’re just starting out as a creative, don’t neglect other newbies like you. Learning among peers will help you focus on understanding rather than results. As much as you’re trying to make a mark, don’t forget to build/ be a part of an active community too. 

Have a positive mindset

No one can have more faith in you than yourself. If you believe in your art, and your expression; with time the world will catch on. Maintaining positivity in your approach to seeking creativity, which will make a huge difference to your ideas, and eventual execution. For world-class creatives like Burna boy and Tems, a lot of self-awareness and manifesting go a long way too. 

Keep going

The important thing is to never stop trying. On the days when you don’t feel like creating, create. On the days you hate your work, create. On the days you feel like quitting, still create. If there’s anything the creative industry recognizes, it’s consistency, and staying consistent always pays off. 

In reality, the conception of creativity starts in our minds. Hence, the start of your journey as a creative person may not be a perfect match to your reality. Never allow these superficial expectations to deter you from sharing your craft with the world. The world needs you to find the creativity in you. 

Jacqueline Alabi
Jacqueline Alabi
Jacqueline Alabi is a Nigerian content writer and storyteller, passionate about amplifying stories about the African creative industry. Outside work, Jacqueline's favorite pastime is watching rom-coms and pretending to be the main character in them. A true Gen-Z babe, she believes that soft work will always be greater than hard work, so she balances both.

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