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Radr Essential Vol 55: Rave with Santi, Koffee and others.

This week, Santi takes the headlines as we furnish you with brilliantly made songs to get you through the week.

DEADMAN BONE – Santi ft Koffee

The chemistry between Santi and Koffee in this song is second to none. The track was one of the most anticipated tracks on the album and the listeners were not disappointed. The song has a heavy reggae influence as both singers sang in Jamaican patois for the most part, but the beat. The theme of the album, which is a futuristic alternative sound, was maintained in this song, where Santi and Koffee sang about their lifestyles.

Present – Tim Lyre

A smooth acoustic play opened this track where Tim lyre effortlessly flaunted his penmanship and sweet-sounding voice. Tim lyre placed himself on an elevated pedestal on this track and sings from the standpoint of a higher man. The song easily grabs and retains the listeners’ attention. It makes you nod your head in satisfaction while you listen.

IDG – ASA ft Wizkid

The year was 2015, a much younger version of Wizkid randomly tweeted having a song with Asa being one of his most coveted collaborations. So, fast forward to 2022 the baby is here and it is so beautiful. A union of subtle, soulful, and soothing vocals sailing melodiously over the beat. At some point, it was difficult to tell who was singing what. This is because the duo blended like bread and butter. Aside from the vocals, the song has a great theme of longing for love, peace, and tranquility. Both artists maintained it and killed the song.

Alone – Tallblackboy

Loneliness is one of the strongest and most frequent emotions that humans feel. Tallblackboy, a fast-rising Nigerian star, encapsulates this feeling on this track. It is a great choice for moments when you want to be alone. It helps you reflect on yourself and life in general.

Outside -Dswillharmony

We wrap this week’s essentials with this groovy sing from Dswillharmony.

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Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite