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Radr Essential Vol 56: Fall in love with Efe Oraka, Lyta and others.

Welcome to yet another episode of great music produced and delivered by the Radr team. This week, our list features the euphonious vocalist Efe Oraka.

Damn, Daniel – Efe Oraka

Efe Oraka is and has always been sweet-sounding and soulful. On this new track, she delivers nothing below standard. A few minutes into the song, she sings for a Daniel in a way that can make the listeners envious. Her carefully written verses make one yearn for love. She described their tasteful love alongside every ingredient in it. Companionship, friendship, tension, and much more. Sadly, along the line, ”breakfast” was sad the love went sour. Eventually, Efe was left with memories and lots of unanswered questions.

Instead – Lyta ft Bahdboi 

Lyta is in his feelings in this track. He partnered with rapper Bahdboi to sing his love out to his love interest over a mid-tempo beat. He confesses to the mesmerizing attractiveness of her body and hopes to win her heart. Bahdboi also showed great penmanship. Together, the duo made a lovely song. 

Apollo – Victony

Amapiano again? Yes, but this time the maestro victony did it differently and better. In summary, the song is feel-good music that will definitely get you dancing. Victony’s melodious voice and tuneful flow will get you dancing.

Sad tonight – Wurld 

This song is a fine expression of remorse and yearning for reconciliation. Wurld is shamelessly sorry on this track and hopes to be in his lover’s good book as soon as possible. This song is perfect for days when you want to retrace steps and reconnect with that special someone.

Brunch – Noon Dave

Sensual energy, mekwe tension, gumbody mood. Those are the perfect set of words to describe the energy this song gives off. Noon Dave, Chocolate City’s new signee finished work on this track. His intention and vision for the track were perfectly executed.

Temp People – Naya Akanji

This week’s essential ends with a great song from Naya

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Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite