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Radr Essentials Vol. 23: Ilaye, Suté Iwar, Psycho YP And More


As the month of June draws to a close, the RadrAfrica ye is bringing you the best, hottest, and smoothest tracks that dropped over the weekend. Don’t forget to curl up with this week’s suggested reads while listening to these jams!

YKTV- Ilaye ft Lady Donli

Ilaye, to the excitement of many, dropped her ep, Sixth Sense. This ep is an exhibition of her talent and musical growth over the years. A favorite off this project is YKTV with Lady Donli. An upbeat track about knowing who you are.

Want- Olamide ft Fave

Fresh off his latest studio album, UY Scuti, Olamide collabs with budding industry favorite on a song that shows a much softer side of the hardcore street rapper. Over the deep, smooth vocals of Fave, Olamide sings about missing the days of early love blossoming.

Euphoria- Psycho YP

At this point Psycho YP’s prolific verses are no longer surprising. He blurs the genres of old fashioned hip hop and modern drill with a sprinkle of top notch verses. If any listener was sleeping on Psycho YP, they need to wake up now. The rapper talks about how he wakes up euphoric and loving life because his goals are being met and his dreams are coming true.

Confident- Savage & Buju

Buju’s incredible songwriting is evident on this collab with Savage. The artiste sing about showing off their confidence to their love interests in they are just given a chance to.

Work- DolapoTheVibe

DolapoTheVibe uses this track to latch on to the societal issue of leeching off another’s success. The artiste condemns wanting to enjoy the fruits of labor you haven’t put in the work for.

Deja vu- Demmie Vee

This new track by Demmie Vee is all about falling in love and it feeling like it had happened before, hence the title. The quintessential afrobeats track, the drums, the vocals and pacing make this song the perfect for lovestruck listeners

U- Suté Iwar ft SGaWD

Suté Iwar and SGaWD are a duet powerhouse on this soft love song. With their excellent vocals the artistes weave an image of a dangerously sensual love interest whose vibe pulls them deeper into their emotions.

Indecisive- Niinety9

Niinety9’s Indecisive track is an ambient song with high notes and exquisite vocals. The artiste sings about his love interest’s inability to make up her mind about their relationship. He keeps begging her that he wants her but she’s just not ready for it.


The Happy Marriage by Tahar Ben Jelloun

A painter talks about how his marriage is collapsing as he suffers from a stroke he believes is caused by his wife. His wife tells her side of the story and the reader is sent on an electrifying journey into the center of a marriage imploding on itself.

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi

A short story collection from this spectacular writer. Need we say more? It’s a must read full of the grizzly untamed tendrils of childhood and magic.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson