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Chuks Profound Makes A Thrilling Comeback

Chuks Profound is a socially and culturally conscious rapper who weaves intricate yet relatable imagery in his music. The songwriter and singer is exciting his audience with his latest release, ”Before We Proceed”.

This extended playlist is a five-song showcase of the different facets and sounds that emanate from Chuks Profound’s talent. Each song is delightfully different and is never wholly one genre. Chuks is adept at merging and blurring the lines between hip hop and afrobeats/ afro fusion.

To complete the mastery of this ep, he enlists the help of several Nigerian co-musicians who in their own right have shown that they are efficient at calling notes to order and sending listener’s eardrums into a pleased frenzy. Psycho YP, BrisB and Zarion Uti cameo on this project and each  form an exciting pairing with Chuks Profound.

Let us take a quick dive into the project.

Lowo ft Zarion Uti & Chordratic Beats

This track is an exciting fusion of afrobeat, indigenous  street music and hip hop. The song starts out with Chordratic Beats showing off his prowess then the song launches into its very catchy hook. The rap verses are equally as catchy as the hook and listeners will be pushed to dance to this track.

Suwoop ft Psycho YP

Suwoop starts off and immediately one can see the heavy trap music influences on this track. Teaming up with Psycho YP, who has shown time and time again that he can body any trap beat, Chuks Profound created a song that will have every listener’s head bobbing to the beat and incredible bars.

Pacman ft BrisB

Chuks Profound and BrisB are stealing girlfriends on this upbeat track. The artistes weave incredible imagery of the complicated relationship with their love interest using only their rap bars: the hook is a combination of indigenous and reggae influences.

E Go Be

On this song, it’s just Chuks Profound, the mic ,and honesty.  He speaks honestly about grinding hard to get to where he is. He raps about betrayal, faith, distractions and the inevitability of one’s destiny. E Go Be is the modern day que sera sera for the young African ears.


This is another song that reveals a different facet of Chuks Profound. It touches on the difficulty of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The rapper talks about how it was hard to pay attention in classes and how it is hard to stay still. However he doesn’t rap from the position of victim, instead, he owns it and his words and has channeled it into making his music a success. 

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson