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Radr Essentials Vol. 25: Martinses, Boj, Omah Lay And More

The Radr team is back this week with another fresh roundup of the sweetest, hottest tracks that dropped over the past week. From Showdemcamp to Begho, here are the best and hottest tracksfrom last week.

Jaiye Omo- Martinses & Lady Donli 

This track is a pleasant call back to the Igerian music of the early 2000s. Lady Donli’s music style has always drawn influence from that era so she is at home on this upbeat track with Martinses where the artists tell their live interests to relax, get down with them, and dance.

Money & Laughter- BOJ, Zamir and Amaarae

On this Trill Xoe produced track an incredible sonic trio take the stage. Amaarae’s soft vocals are a beautiful compliment to BOJ and Zamir’s deeper baritone. The artistes sing a laid back track about being intoxicated by their lovers. Amaarae sings ”you dey high me like pami o”. Listeners will enjoy this sedate paced track about love, drinks and banter.

Serenade- Begho ft Loti

Since his last project drop Before The Run last year, Begho has done a few features and drew back a little from the music scenes. With this track with Loti however, the sweet voiced artiste hops back to the foreground without skipping a beat. On this aptly named song, Begho and Loti serenade their love interests, reassuring her of their love and their desire to stay with her. 

Understand- Omah lay

If Omah Lay is going to do anything, he’s sure to write one heck of a song. Though this song is easy on the ears, the song is one of deep emotion. The artiste is distraught at the betrayal and departure of his love interest. The lyrics of the song are so poignant and the hook is straight up addictive.

Selense- Cavemen

The Cavemen have garnered a rapid, rolling wave of success simc they released their project Roots last year. They have kept up the momentum with their singles and Selense is not about to let up. The gentle rhythmic jive of their modern twist on highlife will never bore a listener and this track is not an exception.

Tycoon Showdemcamp ft Reminisce & MOJO

From the opening of this track, every listener will already know this is a banger. The Showdemcamp combined with Reminisce and MOJO spin a lyrical bouquet with bars that will leave every hip hop lover reeling. The bounce will have a listener’s head bobbing before they even notice.

Whisper- JTwice

Jtwice creates the quintessential afrobeats song with his track, Whisper. With easy to follow lyrics and a loveable lyrics, JTwice take listeners on a journey of wooing his love interest, asking her to whisper to him because she gives him that ginger

Gon Gon Ni- Swagz.i & Pricelessay

I’m home alone, pls call my phone, Iwo gon gon ni.” Swagz.i and Pricelessay are gunning for a girl and they need her to know that she is exactly what they want even though she breaks their hearts. 

Down For You- Aramide ft Boybreed

As soon as the song starts, listeners will be greeted with the warm, smooth vocals of Aramide. Aramide sings her love for her lover with a vim and emotion that makes the listener feel that the song is just for them. Harmonizing with her is Boybreed who adds an interesting yet different viewpoint to the mix. Listeners will definitely enjoy the vibe of this upbeat love song.


Palace Walk- Naguib Mahfouz

Palace Walk is a novel by the  Nobel Prize winning Egyptian writer  Naguib Mahfouz, and the first installment of Mahfouz’s Cairo Trilogy. The story depicts with startling realism the picture of the lives of an Egyptian household around the first world war. There is betrayal, secrets, jealousy, and fear that all climax in the Egyptian revolution of 1919, a beautiful read.

We Need New Names- NoViolet Bulawayo

We Need New Names is the 2013 debut novel of expatriate Zimbabwean writer NoViolet Bulawayo. The book starts in a shanty makeshift town ironically named Paradise and through the eyes of a 10 year old named Darling, Bulawayo shows readers the stark reality of the lives lived under terrible oppression by the government and its paramilitary agents. The book perks up when Darling moves to America to stay with her aunt but what stories unfold there? Find out in this electrifying tale.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson