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Radr Essentials Vol. 22: Kah-Lo, Rema, TMP And More

Hey, Hey! The Radr team is back again this week with a selection of the newest songs making the rounds in the industry. Fresh off the celebration of democracy day over the weekend, these songs and these books will keep you pumped for the rest of the new week.

Soundgasm- Rema

Rema lands another banger on the airwaves with his new risque song, Soundgasm. Rema is very firmly shaking off the child star image that he possessed and is telling the world he’s grown.

Rema delivers well-written verses and vocal harmonies that are sure to please listeners.

Makaveli- Kida Kudz

Kida kudz creates a slow paced yet enjoyable track with his laid back rhymes on Makaveli.

He sings about coming up from the bottom, his supportive crew and his loyalty to them.

Kizo- TMP ft Bella Shmurda

This fast paced track starts off with an intense riff by a saxophone which sets the tone for the rest of the song. On this track, the artistes sing about not begging for love and to go where the enjoyment is.

Pepe- L.A.X. & Davido

As a musical duo, L.A.X and Davido deal well together, their vocals and their pacing intertwine wonderfully on this track. They sing about women who didn’t accept their advances till they saw the men were rich and are now desperately trying to keep their attention and wanting to do all the things they were reluctant to do before.

Trouble- DAP The Contract ft Famous Bobson

Trouble has one of the catchiest hooks listeners will hear this week. Both Bobson and DAP’s vocals are a sonic delight for listeners to enjoy. The song is about the artist’s love interest who brings them trouble but they enjoy the whole situation. 

Champagne- Ashidapo

This is a feel-good track about spending money and having the time of your life with your chosen people. Ashidapo  encourages the people around him to enjoy their lives as he has the money to spend on drinks to celebrate.

Fire- Kah-Lo

Kah-Lo’s fire is a genre smoothie with house music, afrobeats, hip hop and mid-80s music influences. Alté music lovers will enjoy her staccato delivery and lower register vocals.

Love Me Now- Tomi thomas

On the first song of his latest EP, Hopeless Romantic, Tomi Thomas is the sweetest lover boy on the heavy bass guitar of this song. Tomi Thomas’s afrobeat sound is interspersed with reggae music influences and he’s not afraid to use instruments to accentuate his lyrics the way he uses the bass guitar on this beautiful love song.


The Fishermen- Chigozie Obioma

One day, when their strict father is not at home, four brothers sneak out of the house to go and fish in the local forbidden river. A madman predicts that the oldest brother would be killed by one of his younger brothers and so a story of mythical proportions rapidly unfolds within the pages of this book

Fine Boys- Eghosa Imasuen

This book unfurls the lives of the average African University student against the backdrop of high political tensions, cultism and coming into your own person.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson