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Radr Essentials Vol. 30: Wizkid, Laime, Oxlade And More

Wizkid has once again taken over the sound waves everywhere. This time, he has teamed up with international veteran sensation Justin Beiber on a remix of his hit track with Tems, Essence.

This track is on a fast track to being crowned the song of the summer.

Along with Wizkid’s new hit, Team Radr is bringing you delightful tunes from Wurld, Oxlade and many more.

Essence- Wizkid ft Tems & Justin Beiber

Any listener who liked this song when the album came out last year is about to fall in love with it all over again. At first one may be skeptical of Justin hopping on an afrobeats track but like a true artist, he blends in seamlessly, taking a chorus all to himself. Tems’ vocals shine on this track and her signature emotional trill just makes this song the evergreen track that is. 

MKD- Skillz 8 Figure

This song has a sedate, yet danceable vibe that will please listeners. On the track, the artiste sings about himself and his love interest and the night they spend together after being a bit tipsy and her listening to his music. 

Love Her Better- 3rty

This soft beautiful starts off with soft twinking notes. The artiste sings about his love interest being mistreated by her partner and he wished he had the opportunity to love her because he would have done better than he did. In a throwback to the early 2000s the track is highlighted by beautiful vocal harmonization and excitable drums.

Grab Somebody- Wondamagik & Ogranya

Wondamagik is not afraid of exploring new facets of sound. This track with Ogranya is a highlife inspired upbeat song encouraging listeners to let loose their inhibitions and dance with someone. 

Ojuju- Oxlade

The chorus of this song has an ethereal, echoe like quality that is fantastic to enjoy through headphones. Oxlade sings about the fear of allowing himself to fall in love or be vulnerable. This is something many young listeners will be able to relate to his fears of emotional and yet craving love.

Stamina- WurlD ft Major League Djz

A cross-African collaboration, Wurld, Major League Djz and Luudadeejay create this high energy track.

The artistes sing about the African woman whose energy is both enthralling and infectious.

Felicitation- Dj Voyst & Joeboy

Joeboy and Dj Voyst team up on this upbeat song about letting yourself celebrate and not be too self conscious. 

Joeboy of course pulls up on this track with his excellent vocals and sweet lyrics.

Purple Rain- Laime ft PsychoYP

Laime is spitting bars on this track with heavy trap influences. PsychoYP is perfectly at home on this track and shines with his verse and Laime also goes hard with his delivery.

Morenike- Ejoya & Soundz Ft Teni

On this track industry favorite Teni teams up with Ejoya and Soundz. This track sees the artiste trying to talk to their love interest and get to know them better. Like any song listeners will find Teni on, this track is upbeat and full of good vibes, it will certainly keep any listener on the dancefloor.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson