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Radr Essentials Vol 28: Victony, Arya Starr, Lady Donli And More

Goodbye July and hello August! We are  officially getting to the tail end of summer and the Radr team is not letting on on finding the best, freshest tunes for you to enjoy every week.

This week we’re bringing you fresh music from Victony, Lady Donli, Yinoluu, Gabzy and many more.

Black Sheep- Kae Xander

If you aren’t familiar with his music, this is a great intro to the artiste’s sound. Kae combines heavy reggaeton influences with an upbeat, excitable afrobeats base to create this enjoyable track about his love for minding his business and making music.

Floating- Ytboutthataction

This is a high energy, large energy song. Ytboutthataction is a 22 year old rapper who is here to snatch edges and she’s not afraid to brag about it as she does on this track. The song has a fun relaxed vibe to it that listeners will enjoy as well as a catchy hook.

Real- Tim Lyre

Tim Lyre shows off his soulful side on this track about relaxing to go with the flow. With stellar lyrics the artiste explores the growing panic that comes with realizing his affection for his love interest as well as her calming him down so he can enjoy the ride.

Pray- Victony

His first project after surviving a gruesome accident, Victony is not only grateful for his life, he’s also grateful for the prayers of his mother and loved ones. On the track the chorus goes “they wanna know” multiple times and Victony touts that what he went through, he did alone but his mother’s prayers were with him too.

Party Starter- Gabzy

It looks like reggae undertones are doing the thing in the Nigerian music industry right now. These influences are very subtle on Gabzy’s Party Starter but ultimately the mix of reggae and afrobeat births a sonic mix that will have listeners on the dancefloor before they know it. On this track Gabzy sings about his love interest, encouraging her to dance with him on the dancefloor.

Bloody Samaritan- Arya starr 

On Bloody Samaritan, Arya Star is encouraging listeners to protect their energy fiercely as she protects hers from bad people posing as good hidden in the shadows. She says she’s her own healer and will not tolerate anything or anyone who wants to kill her vibe.

Put It On- Lady Donli

On this fun tingling tune, Lady Donli revamps old sayings from her childhood into a catchy hook while singing to her love interest. This song is not filled with heavy themes, Instead it is playful and flirty and with an energy Donli fans are sure to recognize and enjoy.

Talk- Timiboi

In this very emotional yet upbeat song, Timiboi is desperate to keep his love interest. She wants to leave him because he’s on every “girl’s instagram”, but he sings that he wants them to talk it through and mend their relationship.

Hotline- Yinoluu

Yinoluu makes the softest, most gentle beats and this track is no different. Hotline has gentle, relaxing, ambient movements that will put any listener at ease and thirsty for more.

Seke- Vader the Wildcard ft TiwaDara

Vader the Wildcard and Tiwadara are a match to look at on this track. Vader embodies a playful excitable romeo trying to woo his elusive Juliet with hilarious bars and surprising rhymes while TiwaDara follows up behind with beautiful vocals singing a catchy hook.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson