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RADR Essentials Vol 45; M.anifest, Alpha Ojini, Soft and More

There are a few weeks left until the end of the year and we think you should give it your best shot. This is why we have compiled these inspirational songs to motivate you as you chase your dreams for the rest of the year and prepare for the coming year.

Best For You – M.anifest ft Ladipoe

This song is a musical representation of “I’m hustling for mama.” A Ghanaian act, M.anifest collaborated with Nigerian rapper Ladipoe and they both ate the beat like a pot of west African Jollof rice. On each verse, they both pledge allegiance to striving to make their mothers proud. It is a perfect song for the days you need a reason to continue.

Odeshi – Alpha Ojini Ft Ogaranya

This is easily a standout track on the album- “Tears Are Salty For A Reason” because it encapsulates the emotions around the album. Alpha tells a story that feels too real to be fiction on this track. He narrates the emotions that surround grief and loss and how he dealt with it. Ogranya backed it up with his amazing vocals. It’s a great song with a clear message – Life tuff gee, you gast tuff too.

Hustle – Soft

Soft is back, and he’s not playing this time around. By their title of the track you can already guess what to expect. Soft went hard on this track and tried to remind the listeners of the importance of hard work. The song ended with what seems like a spoken word poetry that summarizes its verses.

Laye Mi – Otega

Otega’s unique voice entered into a melodious union with the beat on this track. The theme is clear, Otega is confident that against all odds, he will get all the things he wants out of life. It’s a song for champions. You can vibe to it whenever you are feeling down. 

Vula Mlomo – Musa Keys

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy innit? We selected this track to keep you jiggy through the entire work and seriousness. Music is a universal language, you don’t have to worry about understanding what Musa is saying, we also don’t know. Just let the fire amapiano beat and the melodies take you away.

Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite