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It’s the last Monday of May and the 20th edition of Radr Essentials!  On this edition the team is bringing you the hottest tracks we know you will enjoy as well as a fresh set of weekly books to add to your collection. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Bedroom Covers EP- Svdney

An Acoustic ep compilation of Svydney’s take on six popular tracks by several artists all over the globe including Wizkid, Harry Styles and Burna Boy. 

Svdney’s guitar playing skills and unique vocals give these tracks a whole new life and listeners will be transported in enjoyment at the personalized sound.

Omo Dudu- Blvck Topia

A genre bending push and pull between jazz, Afrobeats and soul; Blck Topia combines his vocal talent and musical know-how into this relaxing yet exciting mix of songs. While his vocals are deep and steady, the instrumentals will constantly surprise listeners be it with an excitable saxophone or a hearty drumbeat.

Alabama(freestyle)- YKB

This high energy fast paced freestyle by YKB is a great listen that will lift any spirit up. YKB spins a fun verse on a funky beat and even slips in a tempo change that catches the listener off guard. This song feels thrown together quickly but in the best way possible. Listeners will definitely enjoy dancing to Alabama on the dance floor.

Ayewada- Barry Jhay

Barry Jhay belts out his mind with his lyrics on this street music influenced high energy song. He makes use of pauses and fast lyrics to maintain the energy of the song and even if a listener does not understand the lyrics verbatim, they can’t miss the effortless energy Barry injects into the track.

Peace of Mind- Preyé

An ambient change of pace with Preyé and her sonorous beautiful vocals. This rnb/soul track resonates deeply  with listeners. The song demands gentle swaying and beautiful imaginary scenery. Preyé’s sound arrangement as well as vocals are a sonic delight and the repeat value of this track only goes on as you play it.

Imperfection- Lekan Salamii ft Rehmahz

Lekan Salamii and Rehmahz perform very well together on this gospel rap song. The indegenous street music combines with clubhouse afrobeats allows the artistes to switch seamlessly between their different delivery styles.

Rendezvous- Kaylu

This head bopper is an instant delight to listen to for any listener. Kaylu’s fast delivery and catch rhymes will have every listener itching for the dance floor. The subtle drill influences and heavy drums gives it a hearty quality and of course the rap verses are the icing on the cake.


God’s Bits of Wood- Ousmane Sembène

This book published in 1960, concerns a railroad strike in colonial Senegal of the 1940s.The book casts a critical eye towards accommodation, collaboration, and overall idealization of the French colonials. At the same time the story details the strikers who work against the mistreatment of the Senegalese people, who are fighting for their own rights. Sembène’s pen is loaded with imagery and light; a beautiful read.

Half Of A Yellow Sun- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

In memory of those lives lost in the Nigerian civil war with the Biafran nation, it is important to once again take up this book and peer into the lives of those who could have lived through that. To see through the eyes of Olanna and to grieve the loss of thousands of Kainenes; the ones who did not come home. Dive into this beautiful work by Chimamanda who uses the green, black, red and yellow to paint a vivid, painful beautiful picture of lives ravaged by war and love.


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Betty Godson

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