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Amaarae And The LP With Zero Misses

Amaarae has always dazzled listeners with her ethereal voice, sensual lyrics and talent. On her latest project release however, The Angel You Don’t Know, she maxes out the scale on all these levels of her creative technique.


Back in September the Ghanaian-American singer and producer dropped a single off this project titled Fancy. Fancy was what the talented artiste described as a ”bad bitch anthem”  and was released to stellar reception from fans.

Earlier today, the full project, The Angel You Don’t Know, dropped and Amaarae has blended her signature voice, careful features and dynamic song styles into the ultimate musical smoothie. The fourteen track album does not have a single miss from D*A*N*G*E*R*O*U*S to PARTY SAD FACE/ CRAZY WURLD.

The album opens with the first track D*A*N*G*E*R*O*U*S which has loud, abrasive electric guitar notes and a chaotic energy that leaves listeners hungry for more. 

The short intro moves straight into Fancy, with its fast paced beats and amazing adlibs. 

Then the next song, FANTASY, switches from the heavy rock sound of the previous track to a slower, more sensual one. The track has the energy of the music of the tropical islands and Amaarae’s voice is the final piece to create that flirty, sensual picture. Even from this track Amaarae shows how dynamic her sound is and lays down the pattern for the rest of the album. Featuring Maesu and Ckay, she blends her voice with theirs and creates the heady, catchy hook of the song.

JUMPING SHIP featuring Kojey Radical and Cruel Santino is a much faster paced song about leaving their partner for their new love interest. Cruel Santino’s vocals and Amaarae’s wispy vocals is a killer combo that will make any listener want to jump ship.

HELLZ ANGEL is a track with different kinds of sounds and flows on it, making it an almost hypnotic listen. The song opens with a sedate beat that Amaarae flips with her rap verse and then switches to her ethereal, trap-influenced chorus. With a dash of adlibs, this track is a musical winner on its first listen.

Kyu Steed and 6 team up with Amaarae on CÉLINE creating a sexy, sensual song about the artiste’s love interest. The way Amaarae layers her vocals with her features is seamless and organic sounding which increases the listener’s enjoyment of the track. At the end of the track, there are seconds of Amaarae being carefree, ending with a laughter, a phone ringing and her picking up to say “hello”. This mini outro to the song is not only enjoyable but also makes the listener feel closer to the artiste. 

Speaking on ‘TAYDK’, Amaarae states: “Sonically, ‘The Angel You Don’t Know‘ is a testament to my love for music and my capabilities as an artist. I’m working within different genres and styles and really pushing my personal boundaries – faster tempos, ballsier lyrics, edgier textures and tones, the same is evident in the visuals as well. Spiritually, the energy is God level. The confidence. The audacity is evident throughout the record. I’m not backing down on any song.”

Amaarae is honest about her confidence with approaching each song. On the last track of the album featuring Odunsi the Engine and KZdidit, Amaarae fuses afrobeats with her alter universe like no other. Odunsi’s vocals are equally ethereal and wispy as Amaarae’s on this track and together on the chorus, the sound id so groovy, one is almost surprised the album is over.

Amaarae came strong with dynamic sounds, features and overall talent. Each song is packed with something different but exciting for listeners and the album is very groovy, sensual and enjoyable making The Angel You Don’t Know a stellar body of work.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson