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Out Of Eden – a storytelling editorial by Bayo Jolaoso

In this project Out Of Eden, Bayo Jolaoso, who is popularly known as Adebayo photographer, merges storytelling with high-end editorial style photography. “Out of Eden” is a collaborative body of work with the talented fashion photographer and some exotic looking Zane models. 

Styled by Ikechukwu Urum and Victor Uko Kalu, the models dressed in neutral coloured outfits from Bolayahaya; and were shot on what seemed to look like an arid land. Both location and costume choice combined in photographs made for the perfect visual representation of this imaginative type of Eden.

In the words of Mr Osoba, “Eden is a reflection of all that I need. I hear no judgement; I know no judgement. I feel the air upon my bare and naked frame. I feel the earth surround my feet.

Nature becomes my second skin. It’s the spirit of freedom calls out to me. Becoming home as I run into its embrace. Eden is a feeling that I can be.”

We sure sense a feeling of a different kind of Eden in this surreal body of work! 

Styling: @Ikechukwuurum @victorukokalu
Makeup: @facesbymaraan
Garments: @bolayahayang
Models: @theblessingorji
Photographed by @adebayophotographer (2020)
Words by :@mrosoba

Favour Ogundimu
Favour Ogundimu