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10Things : Lessons on becoming Lojay

Born and raised in Lagos, LOJAY, the fast-rising singer, songwriter and producer has become an AfroFusion mainstay thanks to his unique tone and lyrical delivery. Born Lekan Osifeso Jr, Lojay began creating music as a means of escaping reality and suppressing anxiety as it allowed him to create beautiful fantasies in his mind and explore a concept of wellness not just for himself but for his listeners.


Lojay’s first official release ‘Ariel’ (2019, prod. by Telz) was a song that portrayed the artist’s sound in its true element. Well received both locally and internationally, it became clear that his place in the industry was cemented. This was further reinforced in 2021 when he teamed up with Sarz on the highly acclaimed  ‘LV N ATTN’ EP with a solid feature from Wizkid. 

We asked Lojay who is arguably one of the hottest artists with what many have called “Song of the year” 10 things he has learnt since busting out on the scene barely 1 year ago and here’s what he had to say;  

Lesson 1

1. Nothing beats valuing yourself. It guides who and what you spend your energy on. Only go where you are most valued 


Lesson 2

It’s okay not to contribute to the discussion. Sometimes sit and listen. You’ll find that everyone’s perspective is valid to a degree and you might learn a thing or three. 


Lesson 3

Never fold on those that were there for you when you were at your lowest.

Lesson 4

People hardly talk about how vital your team is. Yes, it takes talent to break through but you need a great team to last long

Lesson 5

Perfection is an illusion. Just do it. With sense of course. 


Lesson 6

“Man Up” is never the answer. Make room for your boys to be vulnerable and express themselves. 


Lesson 7

Don’t be afraid to be the dumbest person in the room. Always ask questions!! The worst that can happen is you know a bit more and that will forever be a win in my books. 


Lesson 8

Pay women more money. 


Lesson 9

Boundaries are necessary for growth and the ones you set for yourself are truly the most important. 


Lesson 10

With every city i step into, i need a new pair of white air forces’