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4 Reasons Why Radr Loves Rema

Rema has carved a permanent place for himself in the hearts of all music lovers. Especially in his home country, Nigeria, Rema’s energy and talent have earned him numerous die-hard fans. It also helps a lot that he makes amazing music; his song “Iron Man” even made it to one of Barack Obama’s playlists. The Radr team is also on the Rema fans list and now we’ll tell you why.

  1. Style King

Rema drip is on lock. The artiste is not afraid to deeply explore his gen z, alté influence de personal style. He has gone from braids to locs to a crisp low cut look and each time he has changed a part of his look, he has not missed.

Rema is also a fan of bright-colored puffer jackets and oversized hoodies. 

  1. Experimental Sound

Another thing about Rema is that he is also willing to throw the dice in what sound he’s going to create. Rnb, afrobeats, or reggae dancehall, Rema can and will infuse them into his sound. So listeners are always on their toes, waiting for what Rema will give them next.

  1. He’s In A League Of His Own

Let’s be honest, who is doing it like Rema? The artist’s sound is as unique as it is enjoyable. Rema’s main competition is himself as he has to constantly evolve his craft and his creative skills to meet the standard he already set.

  1. Another Banger

Rema is the only artiste to start every song with the phrase “another banger” and have it be true every time. The artiste is so sure of his prowess on the mic. That confidence is infectious and leaks into the song and is transferred to the listener. 

Rema has dropped yet another banger with his new single, Bounce. The song was produced by Don Jazzy and the track is flaming hot from start to finish. Don Jazzy’s expertise and years of experience shine through effortlessly on this track. The combination of Don Jazzy and Rema is an unbeatable banger making duo. Listen to the new track here;

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson