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Afro-Fusion Artiste, Hermez Releases his Debut Studio Album; Oasis

OASIS, the debut album by Atlanta-born, Lagos-raised, and now Houston-based Hermez, will be released on October 28th, under London and Johannesburg-based label Outer South. 

The 14-track project is a soundtrack for the dual citizen, blending Hermez’ myriad cultural influences together into a sweet Nigerian Afro sonic mixed with the alluring confidence Atlanta brings, combining the two worlds to create a new futuristic symphony.

The album features some of the afro-fusion scene’s foremost names, such as AYLØ, Suté Iwar, Tim Lyre, MOJO AF, DOZ, JoulesDaKid and MAUIMØON from Uganda. Coupled with timeless production from Le Mav, Aubrey, VOVO, Jaylon, Ye Ali TrillXoe and Hermez himself, each track creates vivid images of times, places and faces, leaving your imagination wide awake. From ethereal orchestral sounds to the deep thud of electronic pads and the consistent rattle of shakers, the production enhances the journey through its sources.

In Hermez’ words, “OASIS is a blend of the genres and cultures I’ve grown up around, showcasing the tranquillity of my emotions & serenity of my stories. My language, a piece of my history and memory.” 

Mixed and mastered by Alec Ness, each lyric is amplified by the crisp finish on every track.

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Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje