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Alter Ego is Yimeeka’s Remarkable Contribution to the Hybrid Afro Fusion Genre; of Afro Pop and R&B.

The Young Nigerian Act has breathed fresh air into the Afro Pop and R&B Scene. With the soothing and soulful release of her Afro-Fusion EP “Alter-Ego.”

Olayinka Owoseni is a fast-rising Afro-Pop singer, songwriter, producer, and vocalist. Recently she released her debut EP titled “Alter Ego.” “Alter Ego” is Yimeeka’s 7-track Afro-fusion pack of goodness to savor. Need to unwind and chill? Grab that bottle of red wine and play the Alter Ego  Ep. “Let’s Go, Baby.

The track sequencing, coupled with the smooth and sensual build-up to the last track, is a remarkable note of applause for this debut Ep. This art of curation is an essential point often overlooked by many artists who struggle to execute these effectively. Thereby the message of each song is clearly perceived, and the next track is a continuation of the previous play. She fully captivates the focal point of the EP on the ‘interlude,” conveying the message and giving a preview into her personal ideologies and inspirations.

Yimeeka describes  “Alter Ego” as a more accessible medium of communicating the feelings she is unable to vocalize. She, therefore, genuinely inquires in the lyrics.” Why is it so difficult to love the way we are supposed to” why is love so serious” ‘why shouldn’t I love regardless”? “Memories and Fade Away” takes a different approach while retaining her previously displayed vocal dexterity. The downtempo, slow, and sensual sound preference takes the limelight. The track “Fade away” is the most befitting outro to this classic and timeless piece as she sings. “ Fade Away, Fade away from me.” The sound drifts to the closure of this scintillating soul-connecting melodious exhibition.

The EP features D1wav, Joyce Olong, and Nigeria’s Golden touch Producer tuned chart breaker  “Pheelz.” The tracks “Alter Ego” and ” Influential” feature “D1wav” and have the effect of captivating your attention.

Following the Afro-fusion composition of Afro Pop and R&B sounds paired with the edgy, sensual lyrics sets this debut Ep on a good note. There is something about how it sounds. It subtly reminds you of a prominent  Nigerian artist, nevertheless retaining the right amount of originality in effect to be distinct. “Yimeeka’s” slow melodic whisper immediately jolts you back into reality. It feels too good to be true. The track “Smooth Criminal,” featuring ”Pheelz,” stands out for the song’s execution, songwriting prowess, and rhythmic flow as a pun to the title “Smooth Criminal.” “Here with You,” featuring “Joyce Olong,” is a personal favorite. The folklore-inspired track with such an infectious chorus will have you unconsciously singing along after the first listen.“if I could be anywhere, I’ll be here with you, I’ll still be here with you.”

Certainly, Yimeeka’s unique skillset, sound production, and musical ingenuity are certainly one for the books and cement her top-notch artistry. Above all, the debut EP not only feels like silk to the ears but also sounds like a deep melodious soulful connection.

Evidently, “Alter-Ego is a commendable debut EP; it most definitely sets the tone for the quality of her forthcoming projects.

Listen to Alter Ego by Yimeeka here.

Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu is a Creative Content Writer and Music Journalist. She has a deep interest in reviewing new releases and artists' discography. Her purpose is to redefine the ambiguity surrounding fast-rising artists with her writing.